Monday, November 24, 2008

Long time no update

Wow, so much for actually updating this in a timely manner.

First and foremost I have a new nephew (and no I don't remember if I already mentions this already even though I just read what I put on the blog)!!!! What a hoot and an adorable little boy. I can't wait to meet him, our family from Vegas are coming up for the Thanksgiving holiday. I am excited for that. My sister, bless her heart had a baby WHILE attending law school! WOW! I admire her because that is a tough journey but I know she can do it. My bro-in-law will be the primary caregiver though once she is done and the are moving back to Utah. I can't wait. I know she is a very independent person but it will be good to have her back home, I don't think she knows how much she was missed.

Halloween has come and gone, well H was a "scary" vampire. I say scary because he was a vampire before but he was too scared to wear the make-up but this year he had to have the blood that came out of the mouth. So we did one of those capsules, he didn't like that so much. So the other two times we just used a red stick to make the blood. He was much happier with that. I was told by the little man that he was going to have to get a bigger bag or dump his bag because he was going to get so much candy. Well we had not even made it around one neighborhood when he was complaining that his bag was too heavy (not even close to being full) and that he was done. I tell you he never would have survived a night with me trick or treating when I was a kid. We would take two pillow cases sometimes and come back with at least one full, and if we made it home by 10 our parents were lucky. We did find a place that had hot chocolate and made doughnuts, that was cool. My little sis also had a friend who made a spook alley that she told us about so we hit that up too. He was excited for that, he even went in a second time.

Thanksgiving is around the corner, AHHHHH! I am still trying to get the place cleaned up because they are coming. H was so worried that we were not going to get a turkey in time. Everyday he was asking. Got it on Sunday, but I still have alot that needs to get done. I gave the big sis the sweet potatoes, but she better make the GOOD ones. I don't know if my and baby sis have expressed this enough to her yet.

I will yet again promise to make this a better habit of updating but you know how empty that will be.

peace out