Saturday, February 28, 2009

Day one of working out...

I bet I get to start this over because I keep telling myself I will be working out, but don't get around to it. I tend to find life gets in the way as well as my own complete laziness.

I have been really trying to do good and not eat out as much during the week, in fact everyone has made fun of me because I have brought in a green apple, an orange and a kiwi at work to eat for lunch/snacks everyday this past week. I also had some cottage cheese and have had a bowl of oatmeal two days for breakfast. Then I have been cooking more at home in the evening. Yes, they are pre-packaged or come from a box but at least I am cooking right? For the most part H has liked most of the meals and he is really good at encouraging me to cook more by nodding his head saying "mmmm" when we sit down to eat. I do have my break down days where I just don't feel like I have the energy to cook then get the animals taken, get homework done and try to clear a path so I am not killing myself while walking around my house. All this after I work a 9 - 10 day because I feel that my boss lady (BL) doesn't seem to have the same type of work ethics I do at times. Really if that could count as excercise I think I would be weighing next to nothing.

My goal is to run a 5k and get it complete before H runs his kidsK. I think he will want to run the 5k eventually with me but I want to make sure I keep it fun and light for him. He still talks about the time that he did the 5k instead of the walk with us in Clearfield like it happened yesterday. The boy will be the death of me.

Well thanks to my sister she talked me out of bed and I made my way out for excercise. Of course I needed to come back and take a nap because I got exhausted, but one day in a step of many.

Going to check on the update from my other sister, regarding their Disneyland trip.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I am so dumb,

I really feel if I were to go back to second grade I would not be able to pass. Was it really this hard to go through it the first time???? I swear to you H's homework gets me stumped a lot!

It has been a week now and I have yet to let H watch tv (at least anything he wants to watch, I get really bored) or play video games. I think by this weekend I will allow him to watch movies or tv shows again but I am still holding out on the video games. I am not sure how long I will keep them away from him, but for awhile still.

I must say he has done ALOT of reading because of the whole no tv thing. He read for 2 1/2 hours in one day straight because he was so "bored". I made sure to point out he was grounded so he is lucky he was only bored.

H has his a program his grade is performing at school coming up next Friday. He is so excited and can't wait to sing his almost solo part. I am really excited to see him perform. He keeps practicing but he says he is scared because he can't remember all the words at home. I reminded him it is probably easier to have the music going on to remember.

His stomache has been bothering him the last few days, it hurt him so bad yesterday that he went to the sick room at school, they called me to come get him. He was doubled over in pain. I hate seeing him like that. I only wish I could take away such pain from him. Although I love when he is sick though, we get to "snuggle buggle" more, a joy that keeps slipping away as he grows up. He won't want it one of these days so I take advantage of it.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ahhh, sweet young love...

Tomorrow in school is Valentine's day because they will not be there on the 14th. My young and beautiful son made valentine's for his class. I think if he had his way, even though he won't admit is out loud, he would give this lovely young girl a special one. I have met this girl on many occasions and she is truly adorable. I sense the feeling is mutual, she is already making the moves on the mom to get to the boy. If you ask H he will tell you they are only best friends but really to save himself from being teased I think he is being kind.

My young child is in a heap of trouble though. He got sent to the principals office, damn boy will be the death of me. Of course I wouldn't have a clue where he gets his temper from. ;) I guess the whole class was acting out and the teacher told the class that she would have to play the role of the mean teacher because no one would listen to her. Well leave it to H to decide that he was going to be mean back. I don't blame her for sending him away. Of course he could care less that he gets no video games and such for the weekend. Blows it off like it is nothing. I even told him he could not play with his toys, well he took it upon himself to find a box to play with. Really, am I suppose to be so mean that I can't even let him play with a box? I let him play with it because he was keeping the damn cat and damn dog from fighting.

Also I got asked while putting the boy to bed tonight why I love Edward so. I explained that Edward was fictional, if he had been real I would probably love him. But then I looked at him and I said "but you like him too". The boy turned his face away with a smile saying no, but the real answer was yes. I have tainted my boy, I think he is secretly waiting for the movie now. He was caught reading Eclipse (which is the one I am currently re-reading at the moment). I have created a girly boy!!!! I would like to hope he will only be more sensitive as he grows up and in tune to girls and women.

Again, I have accomplished yet another post, only hope I can keep it up.

Mr. Owl, how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

See, hanging in there....

Ah ha, this is twice now this year. So far so good. Month end came and went, wow, combine that with 1099's. I work too much. I joke with my sister saying "Damn our parents and their work ethics". Why couldn't I have been one of those employees that decided well the day is done, I should be done. No I decided I felt bad that boss lady was staying late so why not I. Sure part of that guilt comes from her trying hard to get me a raise and a new position title, one that I was told I had years ago, the raise is just an added bonus. Of course it did me more good than her to work so late and hard on it too because I remember her being hospitalized only a couple of years ago, so I think me taking some of the stress off of her so she does not have another heart attack or stroke only helps me in the long run.

Well today we celebrated my older brother-in-law and my oldest nephew's birthday. Baseball diamond cake and a Mr. Potato Head cake. I must say baby sis does a good job with cakes, we have taken a sort of hiatas from cake making but I miss it. I should get back in to just making cakes and taking them in occasionally. As stressful as it is it really is relaxing in the long run.

To make my sister feel better too even as embarrassed as I am to admit it, I actually like the twilight series. Currently I am re-reading it, I really like them all but I really enjoy "New Moon". I find myself smiling through it. Now the part that I will never be able to read again is when Charlie gets to meet up with Bella after her transformation. I had to stop like three times to get through it. Not sure why it touched me so but it did. But all is well now. I hate to admit it but she made me an Edward fan. I always thought Angel would be my one and only vampire but I have really fallen in love with Edward now. My boy is disappointed in me.

All is well hope to share more at another time, H wants to make a posting too in the future.

Peace Out!!!