Monday, December 21, 2009

I have taught the boy nothing...

So I feel like I am a failure as a mother, and no it has nothing to do with me not providing for my child (because other than my nephews I have not met another spoiled boy who gets what he wants), it has more to do with having him not able to tell the difference between Whitney Houston "I want to dance with somebody" and Michael Jackson "Thriller". For some unknown reason when we were listening to Whitney on the CD we popped in he turned to me and said "I love this song, you know Thriller by Michael Jackson". They couldn't soung anymore different than if they tried.

Now I know he gets this from me, I have a bad habit of not remembering things very well. I confuse actor's real life names and screen names continously, I figure if I come close or you know what I am talking about then I am good. When I can actually pull it off some people I know don't believe me anyway and have to verify what I have told them (No I am not actually pointing fingers at you yet Mary, Ally McKay or Ally McBeal what is the difference really).

H has got on to tonight too and I have found out that not one thing I have bought for him this year is really what he wanted because what he had originally asked for was a journal, well now they are all completely different things. I asked him about a video game I got him tonight, he said that he would like it okay but it was not his choice. Seriously I think he is going to be disappointed in Christmas because he is not getting what he wants or a better way to put it what he is wanted at the time.

But overall he is a good kid, I know he will put on a happy face and be happy with what he got and he loves to choose out what we get to take to the shelter every year because he knows that will make other people happy too but it is just a parent thing when you want to make your child happy. Given that I don't have many years left to make Christmas magical, I just need to accept that he will be happy and I don't need to get him all that he wants.

Also how in the world did I decide that we would make our pajamas this year, and no I cannot make a snowflake out of fabric so they are snowballs (or really just polka dots) but I will carry on and try to get them complete so we can wear them for Christmas Eve.

He is looking forward Christmas Eve too, he is so happy that I won't be working (yes, many, many late nights recently so I am really thankful he has been so patient with me) and it will be a long weekend for the two of us.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Season of joy...

I have been slacking but not just because I am lazy but more because I just have been busy and have not found the time.

I think I really do love Christmas the best, well besides my birthday which in itself is a holiday. I just like giving, I really don't like to get gifts for the most part, unless there is a meaning behind it. I really would just rather spend the time with my family and dear friends. They mean more to me than any present in the world could give to me (well unless you are talking about a trip or even a new house in Hawaii because sorry folks I would ditch you in heartbeat :D).

This year I am making treats for our neighbors, depending on the time it could be just a s'mores kit (idea stolen from another blog I follow) or I may be willing to try out making cake pops (minus the sticks, and still another idea stolen from another blog, but my sister follows that one). Could be both but who knows.

I plan on getting up some pictures here shortly of our recent adventure to the Festival of Trees, but I could be holding out a promise I can't keep. ;)

Dear Santa, define the word "good".

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Friday shopping...

Wow, I went out once years ago shopping and I never really wanted to go again. I usually would go out after the crowds died down but even if I went the time I usually go it would have been just as crazy. I remember helping my mom work "the event" at Mervyn's a couple of years in a row, I think that was more fun than shopping it.

It was fun overall because the company I went with (my baby sister Mary, Stephanie and Mandy) and it was fun to run into my older sister Norah and my mom at Target even though some how yet again I have found another way to make my mom get ornery.

Really I can't say that I bought anything that had a really great deal (I know then I am just shopping and I should have gone out another time), but I did buy most of my presents and that means I am done with one a few other little things here and there so now I don't have to worry about finding much time to shop with H around.

We hit up a number of stores Target, Micheal's, Old Navy, Shopko, Hobby Lobby, Bed Bath and Beyond and Kohl's.

Shortest wait line so was probably Hobby Lobby, even though I had one item that did not have a tag that we could find and so I didn't even know what price it was the cashier knew right away what it was so I was very impressed. BBB was probably just as short there too.

The longest wait line and by far the longest time I have ever waited in a retail line my sister ended up timing it. 52 minutes, wow! My mom and my older sister went up to one more up north and they knew the people who worked there so they got in and out.

Now most of this would have been so bad and I would have been better had I had more rest the nights before (helping me sister and the SODA Center set up for their Thanksgiving run), my coffee wore off during shopping and I just felt like I was dragging. They apparently are going to get me an IV for next year to keep me going, I would settle just for a trip to Starbucks.

We were not able to locate the megablocks that Tami (yes, another sister but don't worry last one, just three of us, she is the middle child). But my mom did, she called as we were heading home.

We got to tired to go catch a movie and relax after, but still an overall success.

I again will probably go again but not for the shopping just for the company that was kept while we were out.

H gets back on Sunday and we get to get a tree next weekend. We will also be going to the Festival of Trees again and I will be looking forward to that.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Family fueds...

Your family would not be your family if you could not get into a fight but know that they will love you just as much in morning.

The current family fight is what to have for Thanksgiving dinner. It is definitely more fun to be just a bystander instead of the one in the fight (yes, the one that involved me before was Walmart and let's just say what I thought was innocent fun in the pictures being sent around turned into something ugly so the W word will not be brought up again). Food will be food, my sister just needs to take the same attitude as I do when it comes to it, make what you want the rest will have to just deal. I was told that all the specials (stuffing with out onions and the potato chunks for my older sister) did not need to be done anymore, guess what you will get what you get and you won't throw a fit. I say more leftovers for me so that works for me.

Well I guess you could be like the pie culprit though and just take it all home even though we didn't get any, we were too full from food to eat it then.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day of cooking...

Oh my goodness, I have spent the whole day cooking or baking which ever you want to call it. I was asked by my lovely boy to make apple pie a few days ago. I made the pie dough from the recipe of my mother's which I just love and it has many memories for me. Well I came to find out that the little boy only wanted the pie made so badly was because he wants to throw a pie at his Aunt Mary's face. I compromised and made a whole bunch of mini pies (made in a muffin tin) and told him he and I can have a food fight with them before he left for his dad's.

As if the pies were not enough I also made bread, that turned out pretty well too.

Then to top it all off instead of us getting to make our pizzas last night because we went bowling instead so we made the pizza tonight for dinner so I made the crust from scratch too. The boy's topping choices are mushrooms and pineapple, yes he LOVES mushrooms. I didn't start liking mushrooms until I was way older so I find it odd that an 8 year old child loves to eat mushrooms so much.

Oh what a day, it was fun though but I think I have had my fill on carbs for some time now. But it gave us a fun project to work on inbetween chores.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cleaning fun...

On most nights the boy and I have a conversation question that we normally ask "what was your favorite part of today?", on the way home from visiting up at my sister's house he asked me. I stated it was when he helped me to clean out our front closet and how he cleaned up his room (my intent was to get him to try to clean up more around the house).

I asked him what his was, he says when he got dressed. Stumped I couldn't figure out why getting dressed was the best part of today so I asked him questions. He kept giving me his "really don't you know what I am talking about" look. He said when I was dressed like a model.

Yes, while cleaning he got dressed up in some of my heels and went and got some of my clothes and "posed" around the house. I was able to capture a picture so I can torture him with when he is older and I meet his girlfriends. I totally would post it but I had to swear I would not show ANYONE, more for the reason he doesn't want his grandpa to see and to give him a hard time.

I did mention to him that I would show his future girlfriends, he was giving me his little look he gives to me now and I just said back "that is a right I have as a mother that I get to embarass you with your childhood pictures, and don't worry they will find it absolutely adorable", I just got an eye roll and he changed the subject.

Good times I tell you, good times.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Music and Lyrics...

Last night there was only a handful of things on, well one of them happened to be "Music and Lyrics" with Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant. I didn't think it was something that the boy would like to watch but I chose it anyway because he has not kept up on his reading minutes at home so he doesn't get many options of things (yes I know I am the mean mom he always talks about).

It is hard for H to adjust to time adjustments of any sorts and he also has my genes so insomnia is bound to be there for him, I had to stop giving him naps before he turned 2 because he would be up all night and yes even a 5 minute nap will have him up for most of the night. While he was not sleeping he got up and wrote some song lyrics, I can only think he was inspired by the movie.

Band: Killer Boy : HIG

I can't sleep I don't know
What is the mater with me do you know
what is wrong with me (corus.)

Help me I want to sleep but I cannot.
Please take care of me or I'll be sick for a whyil I can't go to school intail I am beter.

Then he writes his favorite knock knock jokes down too. But I loved the song and I left his spelling because he is so cute. He is having a hard time going to sleep again tonight but hopefully we can get him back on schedule soon because he does better in school and such so hopefully we can get him there.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Spook-tacular time...

Although I think my sister is trying to keep me and the boy away we have found our way in, my sister does not have the lung capacity to blow up balloons. Well orignially we were going to use my mattress pump but the pump wouldn't blow up the balloons, so I just used my very own pump. Then I also found out how incompentent she and I both are at tying knots but it seems I ruled out on that one, although I for some reason had trouble on some of them.
So once we blew up the balloons and worked on a 30 foot web (which we tangle up really good just moving it to the inside of the building), we had to raise it in the lobby about 20 feet (probably more I just am really bad at distances) up in the air. I think this is one of my favorite decorations we have made and done over the past few years of putting on this wonderful event. We have come along way from staying up to 2 or 3 in the morning using coffee grinds for bone mashers (yeah we won't be doing those again anytime soon, fun idea but pain in the butt to make).

Spook-tacular is a community party that is held at the local recreation center (aka SODA Center). Fun rides, fun food and just plain fun! October 30th from 5:30 - 8:30. Don't go to the Jazz game come and have fun, I guess if you must go to the pumpkin walk to but make sure you come for lots of fun the Rec Center.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Halloween fun...

We cleared off the porch and have pulled out the decorations. This is the boy's favorite holiday, I truly think this holiday beats Christmas for him but he will never admit it.

H LOVES to decorate the house, if I would let him he totally would turn our whole house into a haunted house. I find this so funny because the thought of going to a hauted house terrifies him but he loves to buy the scariest items I will allow him to buy. He gets to chose a new decoration every year, we still need to shop for this year but he was sick over the weekend and just getting the decorations out was enough for now.

I was going to make his costume this year with the new sewing machine I got, it started off as him going to be Yoda. When we went to the store looking for a mask and a green light saber (yes it has to be green and not any other color because that is now what Yoda uses, and when I said I would paint it then he just rolled his eyes and said no way that is not the same) suddenly he decided he was going to be Harry Potter. This gives me time to work on my sewing skils so I am cool with that.

We already had most of Harry's costume because when he was 3 or 4 (I can't remember now) he was going to be another one (no I can't recall) but decided that he had to be Harry minute. Even if everyone (especially the boy) thinks I am the meanest mom gave in and went to work. Well I had found the cape and we bought a yellow shirt and he used a stick for a wand and I could not find glasses anywhere so I made them out of yellow sunglasses which I took the dark glass out of and then colored with a black crayon. It looked like the most poorly put together costume but he thought he was Harry for the night. Good times though.
And yes, duct is holding the cape up so it is not so long to trip the boy!

Friday, September 25, 2009

I love this story...

I keep crying when I hear this story, it warms my heart. Sorry it is cutting off, I still don't know what I am doing, the last one I posted was just fine. But great story.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

58 days...

Yes, it is only 58 days until New Moon comes out. An exclusive behind the scene picture, love it. Mr. Slade it is nice to know you have a sense of humor, looks great.

Those of you Buffy fans this is a little belated but Sarah and Freddie welcomed Charlotte Grace Prinze this weekend! Congratulations.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Moon new trailers...

Just saw the new New Moon trailer, I don't think the boy can watch the movie in the theater, this movie is way more intense but I guess we can see if he still wants to or not and with prior viewing through me first.

I love Edward and Bella, but really my heart belongs to Jasper and Alice. But really Jacob is looking mighty fine since his hair cut and some beefing up. Come on Mary, you can't say he doesn't look good.

Again all I can say is I have no life so yes this stuff appeals to me. And after a huge discussion with the boy a number of nights ago, really I don't think I will be bringing a man home anytime soon. I will get there, the love of my life is still out there but I am just enjoying being a mom. Besides I get to check out all the hotties so really no complaints from me at this point.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Middle sister...

The best thing about Tami is she has baby Iggy and the back yard that we can do a slip and slide. I am writing it as it is.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Superb older sister...

So H decided to blog about each one of our family members, at least the first thing that comes to mind. We love all of our family to we just wanted to let them know.

The favoritest thing about Aunt Norah is she has "my best cousin" (Iggy falls in second because he tackles him like a man).

We love you Norah and oddly enough it is another shout out from the bath tub. Gotta love the naked shout outs!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Busy baby sister...

I don't think she really knows how much she saves my sanity. I miss her tons when she is "consumed" but events at the SODA Center, just know I miss you (and H says so does he screaming it out from the bath tub, so that be a naked shout out).

Can't wait to help out on Saturday, hope it is something good.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Just because...

Well just because it is the end of the month I thought I should do one more post, not that I have anything significant to discuss so what else other than New Moon. Below is the picture of the Volturi, which really I am fine with but come on Dakota Fanning as Jane? Not that I have anyone else in mind but I think she has just been played out. I guess I will hold of judgements until I see her in the role, who knows she may surprise me but right now not pleased with it.

I really did like the fact that they were using a bunch of small screen or no names in the roles, Kristen Stewart was the only one that really anyone had heard of. Yes, there are a few others that made names for themselves but really you looked at them thinking "what else did they play in".
I figure I will talk about it because I will have to wait for the video, at least at that point I can see it with the boy. With the plans to go back to school it just cuts out a lot of the fun stuff, we will see but I won't hold out any promises.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

School is teaching what?

So it is back to school this week, H had music today the song goes like this:

"Pepsi coke came to town, Coke-a-cola shot him down. Dr. Pepper fix him up, we all started to drink 7up."

Beats last year where they were learning a song based on the fast food restaurant chains.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Heroic dog...

Just took the dog out before going and spending the day up in Park City. As we were coming in...

"Mom, Daisy saved my life." Yes, this is all being said in his overly dramatic tone.

"Oh really, how?"

"Because as we were walking I didn't see the dead smashed snail but Daisy pulled me out of the way because she saw it."

Wow, didn't realized that smashed snails were so deadly but good to know I have a dog that will save you from them.

Beware of the snails, they just might get you.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Two year plan...

Since I decided I will not be able to afford anything more than I am living in right now, I am making a two year plan and then goodbye to what I call my heartache of the past few weeks.

That's it, goodbye.

My car will hopefully be paid off in just a few payments all of that money will go to my credit cards to hopefully pay them off. I can take a cut in pay because I am getting the money that I should from H dad plus back support too.

I have been bringing home sadness, anger and hate and I am done.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cooking adventure and laughs...

Ha ha ha, sorry I am still laughing at my escapade right now. So for the CSA (community sponsored agriculture) we got cabbage. I find this just a funny that everyone of my family that got one is making cabbage rolls (a childhood favorite).

I bought a thing of hamburger meat to use, also we went and got sauerkraut, tomato sauce and more cabbage so I could make the rolls. I completely underestimated how much meat that actually was! I have three fairly large size pans filled with GIGANTIC rolls (really more folded over than rolled because I was trying to get all the meat mixture I had into the cabbage I had), well lets just say that still was not enough.

My last pan was more like a cabbage roll lasagna because I was just layering because I didn't want to run out and buy anything more. But I ran out of tomato sauce! So I found one small can and used that, but in the back of my fridge was a jar of spaghetti sauce, that is now on my cabbage lasagna.

Oh good times, I try cooking but it turns to be more work than it is worth some times.

FYI, to make me feel better I went out and did something very nice for my boss so I could get the anger out of me. I get along with her personally, but work ethics wise I can't stand her anymore, it is out of control although the last two days she has done some work, but she actually did some talking to me today.

Next battle is proving that Mary DID ride on the colossus at Lagoon.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Stay-cation day one...

Alrighty you bloggers that are so much better at this than I am, I don't think I am doing this right because it is taking so long to do this but I did it anyway.

Instead of going anywhere for vacation we decided to do a stay-cation and do things "around the town. Today started with breakfast with Grandpa at a "mom and pop" run down joint that has good eats.

Then it was dinosaur day camp, which I just found out they really don't teach you anything about the dinosaurs, you just go and do fun things. How do I know this, let's just say kids are very honest. At least he had fun and he looked forward to getting on the playground equipment.
Although he has dug this up many times before he "found" the dinosaur eggs (see picture below). But leave to my son to be the polite one and get bullied by a toddler who was trying to bury his discovery, other than just looking at the kid he did not say one word to this kid but it was great to chuckle at the looks he gave.

Before I joined him I decided to walk around and test out my new camera. I have some pretty pictures that I took while walking on the path behind the dino park.

Let's just say that trail behind there is very sucluded and if you wanted to kill someone and dump their body in the river, I think you could get away with it.

But it was a nice little walk
and I enjoyed
testing out my new camera.

On our way home we hit up Chuck-E-Cheese's (where a kid can be a kid and yes he repeats this phrase EVERY time he talked about it today) because the boy has been talking about it forever about how he wants to go back, we had a bucket full of coins that we needed to get rid of from the
last time and a redemption ticket too.
The game to the left was a favorite, it was like jump rope with a light. He enjoyed it much.

Can I just say parents when redeeming for your prizes instead of taking 45 minutes to get through the three kids you had with you to have them choose out prizes please help them along. Again just to boast my son up he got up there and the lady was trying to be so nice because he was so patient that she was going to let him have any of the 1500 ticket prizes (he only had 1420) because he was so close and he waited for the group in front of us that I noted above AND the family that just cut right in front of us (I waved to the helper and told her it was fine because she was going to tell them to wait). But my truthful and very honest son wouldn't take the prize that he wanted with the additional points she was willing to give to him he chose out many others instead. Well it was either her was being honest or obsessive-compulsive (probably more of the latter) in saying he didn't have enough for that. Proud to say we were done at the counter in less than 5 minutes, if that.
He got some snotty nose thing, fake vomit, a transformer car toy (push and go thing) and other little knick knacks. I told him he was gross.
The last picture there was us finally home, we took the dog out for a walk and the boy was playing dead and the dog was attacking him. Good times.
More items planned tomorrow, not sure if I will get posted for tomorrow though but I will let you know all the excitement (and yes, the mean mom that I am even scheduled a dentist appointment for the stay-cation).
Where a kid can be a kid, get it, kkk-kid, chchch-cheeses. ha ha ha (yes a real quote from the boy on why Chucky-Cheese's says where a kid can be a kid).

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

To cheer up the boy...

And thanks to BS she figured this out for me so I can post this. H knows she can't stand Jacob but I think he likes him just as much as he likes Edward. This is just to spite my loving sister who will take this so well just because she knows it will make him smile just a little. So in response to her "Die Jacob die" comment...

Monday, August 10, 2009

Not substitutes...

I tried my hand at potatoes au gratin from the magazine and discovered that you should not substitute paprika for cayenne pepper and neither should you sub cinnamon for nutmeg. But on the plus side the boy ate all his potatoes which is funny because I choked mine down, go figure.

I will try again with the correct ingredients.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Meals and a yard sale...

So I have tried again to cook, I don't want the good food I have been getting from the CSA and the Co-op to go to waste. My BS (that is baby sister, although you could sub what it really means and we would still be talking about the same person) showed me a magazine at the store that porportioned meals to cater to two. I am not a big leftover eater, there are a few dishes that I will actually eat that are left over (sorry, it is my picky palate that is sensitive to many things). I tried my hand at a chicken and vegetable dish last night, with many substitutes to foods I already had. Pork instead of chicken, paprika instead of red pepper, limes instead of lemon (I prefer lime anyway) and other sort of substitutes. I actually really liked it, it was good, very greasy still but good. I know some things I will change the next time but over all it was good. The boy ate some of it, but it the lime taste was a little too tart for him so he chose not to eat much of it. I was promised if I make it again he will try it because I told him I could just put the lime on my part of it so it is not so sour for him.

I have learned I need to have a recipe in front of me to cook (portioned to two, yes I know you can do it yourself but I just don't) but I am a rule breaker, I try to sub the ingredients with items I have around the house and spices that are boy approved.

My kind OS (older sister, I had this explained once on twitter but it seems as though BS has either forgotten or as always just never listens to me, Tami would be MS for middle sister), allowed us to use her yard for our yard sale (THANKS), I actually made some money this time, it was great. I still owe BS for lunch though. We plan to hit up some yard sales this weekend looking for items. I did it last weekend too and got a new big mirror to replace the one in my bathroom,I am still holding up hope there is an outlet behind it because it is ODD that I don't have an outlet in my bathroom currently an orange extention cord is be run down the hall to sub for it (just ugly and inconvenient). But with many other things my luck is there is no outlet and I will have to carry on with the cord. But I also found a small desk that the boy can use for homework and such. It was a light lime green color. We sanded it and painted it to the boys liking. We bought a desk lamp to put on it and everything. I am hoping this will be a great addition but it may just end up collecting toys as the picture shows it has Legos on it right now. Hopefully I will find more additions, the mirror was $5 and the desk was less than $1 because I got a bunch of other things. I was excited!

It must be jelly because jam don't shake like that. (yes, that is some kind of fat joke ;))

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My young Edward...

So the little boy in my life got hurt on his skooter again today. This one was a little more nasty than the last and a lot more blood. He has scraped up his elbow and the side of his hip bone.

I am only posting this because the sweet young man was all worried that his white shirt now had blood all over it, mind you this shirt is just one of those cheap undershirts and it is not that white given that he had worn it most of the day. He is sobbing to me telling me his blood is has ruined it, I assured him that the shirt will live but he may not because of his blood all over.

***If you have a weak stomach do not proceed***

Well guess that was a mistake because between the sobs he has decided he needs to take his dirty fingers collect the blood and put it in his mouth. I ask him what he thought he was doing, he said he had to put the blood back in his body so he still had blood.

I should know better!

Oh well, he mended (he keeps calling his boo boos boobies) and because it is Thursday he is reading currently but I just couldn't pass up such a cute story.

Live long and prosper.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Good memories...

While at work today I had a conversation with one of my co-workers who has been trying to get a "home" of sorts as she has moved from her previous one (I am unclear of the whole story, but I think she is going through a divorce). As we were talking she mentioned her son (now 18) will be leaving in 6 weeks for college. She told me to treasure what I have with my son because before I know it he will be gone.

This is something I already know, I see kids around the neighborhood who are just running around and for what seems all day. The thing about these kids that run around is their parents don't seem to care for where they are at and never check in with them. I am just dumbfounded with this. H knows I check in on him frequently. It makes me sad that their parents don't know where there kids are half the time.

The best part about this is H knows I like to spend time with him and want to frequently. I know he has to grow up and venturing out with his friends adds to this and as hard as it is I can't stop it. But I LOVE the fact that he loves to spend time with me. Sometimes when his friends come over he sends them away because he doesn't want to play and he wants to just snuggle with me. I secretly love this more than he can even know, but I do my mommy duty and tell him it is fine for him to go and play, "not today, there is always tomorrow or Friday (usually this is at the beginning of the week)".

I think I have done good with him and am more proud of him then any one person should be of their child. He is great, I only hope we can have this same relationship as the years go on.

Take the time to love the ones you love, it may show them the love in your heart and it will only grow and get stronger as the years pass.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

My celebrity quote...

I must wear the movie star sunglasses for a reason. I am very proud of myself for doing a 5k by myself, no baby sister there to hold my hand. I think I could have pushed myself more but I have more to come.

While getting ready to start the race I had a reporter come up and ask me why I was there. I must have impressed him with my story because he published it. I am not sure if I know how to do this correctly so incase the link below doesn't work I made sure to copy the text so you can read it. I wish I had a picture of me doing the race but that was not in the stars. I was most excited about coming around the corner and seeing H standing at the finish line. He proceeded to run up to me while I was running wanting to run in with me. I heard my friend Julie (more a family friend than just my personal friend) calling to him because he was going to miss his race, I had to run even faster to get him to his on time. Thanks Jules for watching the boy while I did my race, I am so proud of you mother for doing the race too.

While starting the kids race Mason said he would buy a pizza for any kid who can beat Kevin in. Well there was one boy who did (sooooo not my son). Then Kevin came in, there were many kids that made their way in, many way younger kids too. Finally H made his way in, but I guess at one point in time Kevin went back out. H thought he was beating him so he raced in as fast as he could, proud mommy cheering him on. All he could talk about over the weekend was how he beat Kevin in and he wants his pizza. I told my sister this and she says even Kevin says he owes him one.

First, Mason was the one that promised the pizza not Kevin, so no pizza from Kevin. Second, Kevin made it in way before the boy so there is no need for him to be buying the boy a pizza. But I think it is very nice that he feels bad and wants to buy him one because Kevin is a good kid. Although not all of her employees deserve the praise they get from my sister at times, I see many of them have good hearts and really they win me over because they really love H.

Shooting from the hip:Good job, Crystal
by Scott Schulte
Jul 28, 2009

I am not a morning person. Especially on holidays. I was thrilled when my boys got older and no longer wanted to get up at the crack of dawn on Christmas morning to see what Santa Claus brought. Now, sleeping is OK on the holidays.

This is why even when I competed as a runner I searched for twilight races (races that took place at the end of the day) as compared to those awful early morning runs. It’s a major part of the reason I now choose to run in the heat of the day...because I’m awake.

With this in mind I sought out people at Friday’s Handcart Days road race to ask what would make them get out of bed on a day off to go race. I had lots of answers like those people who are early risers or those preparing for a big race in the near future — but the person who stands out the most was a very nice woman named Crystal.

The Bountiful resident explained, “My 8-year-old son went to spend some time with his father who lives in Kentucky, and I decided I wanted to train for something.”

According to Crystal, running gave her something to do when her son was away. Crystal said, “I have to admit, running was not my first choice, but my sister, Mary pushes me, and that helps.”

I lived out of state for the first six years after my divorce and away from my sons, and I hated it. Having things to do like running or lifting weights filled, even if just a little bit, the void left by my kids living so far away. Since I understood this, I was real impressed with my new friend, Crystal, and her decision to run rather than pout while her son was out of state.

Crystal admitted to me that she anticipated being the last runner to finish the race, but that was of very little interest to me. I was and remain so impressed with Crystal for two reasons. First, as I said, Crystal took a pro-active approach to a time that could have otherwise been very sad. Second, Crystal chose to be a runner. She could have chosen a lot of things to do, but Crystal chose to get out and push herself beyond her limits to reach personal goals.

The race went off, and I became busy interviewing people and looking forward to getting home and back to bed.

Later I wondered what had happened to Crystal.

It didn’t matter where she finished the race. She’d won no matter what.

Good job, Crystal!

My story link, and no I am not smart enough to figure out how to link more than just the My.

Don't you know who I am?

Monday, July 20, 2009

The return of the boy...

He did get in on Saturday, and bonus he didn't have to go back on the plane to get things he forgot (last time we had to get someone escort him back on to get his DS). He had a hat on so I didn't recognize him through the window getting off but I thought it was crazy that there was no one else getting off. This flight had TONS of unescorted kids this time, H was the youngest so when they got off the plane he drowned in the sea of teenagers that got off with him.

He is currently sleeping, we fell asleep on the couch last night, I don't want to wake him, he looks so precious, and those of you who know he is up and running around even before I get up most days so the fact that he is sleeping means he is tired from his adventure.

We have swam both Saturday and Sunday, that kid likes to swim. It has helped to cool us off because my cooler is sounding very sickly. I don't think my dad will approve but I think I will be calling a professional to come and look at it. I got a picture of him last night coming home from the pool. He is excited for that new movie coming out this week, G-Force, he has already chosen out who he is going to be. That will be another way to cool off too.

He grew, I still need to line him up and measure him from the last time before he left so I can see how much he grew, but his hair is long, it took Mary a long time to convince him to grow it out (I would prefer it to be short but it is his hair so I let him decide). But he may end up caving because he has thick hair too, really hot during the summer.

I am excited to spend the 24th with him (that is a holiday here in Utah), it allows us to do fireworks and such together. Plus our home town does a pretty big celebration so we can have fun doing that together.

I missed him, I am glad he is back.

If you lack the courage to start, you have already finished.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Parade of Homes 2009...

Well I let Mary talk me into doing the parade of homes tour. It was interesting, makes me sad though because I am sure I am stuck where I am for a very long time. It was fun to get to spend some time with my sister even though I was out ALL DAY touring homes.

The picture below is of a playroom under a staircase that reminded me of my oldest nephew, although I think he loves Hannah Montana way more then this movie now.

Also she may not find it as funny but at the end of a long and exhausting day Mary's seat belt got all twisted up and she was getting really irritated. Well I thought to help cheer her up now that she is home I would remind her of the time that H was caught exercising in the back seat with the seat belts from both sides when he was sitting in the middle. I apologize for the quality, I guess I can send the videos to the online folder but I can't send them from there out.

Check out Mary's blog for more extensive pictures of the Parade. Besides the Madagascar one I took a picture of a closet so I can redo mine.

The most precious things in life can not be built by hand or bought by man.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Way to go big sis!!!


Woo hoo!!! Happy 4th! My older sister did a two mile walk today, yes she complained, yes we were the last walkers but she did it!!!! (The picture is just for my liking)
Twilight and New Moon

Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy 4th of July...

Well almost, but I may forget to get on and blog considering all the festivities. I think I like when H gets to go with his dad at the beginning of summer, then they can celebrate the 4th with him and when he returns he gets to celebrate the 24th with me. Hopefully that is something we can work out but who knows.

I remember driving in the car with the boy and he brought me to tears with a conversation. On of my co-workers returned home from Iraq a few months ago but I did share with her the boys thoughts, which brought tears to both of our eyes because I told her even though it was hard for her I am thankful for all the soldiers protecting our country. The conversation with the boy consisted of him telling me how happy he was for our "army" guys (I am sure he meant it for all forces, he is eight). He kind of let it go at that, I was curious what made him say this so I asked why they make him happy. He then said because they can die while trying to protect our family from the bad guys, he turned to me and asked if that is what the cops do too. Just knowing that he knows that there is a price for things and it shows the good heart that he has (because honestly I wonder if I taint him at times) makes me so proud.

The boy is the most patriotic little man I know, he loved learning about all that stuff this year in school. I had to go to D.C. this past year on a business trip, he was really jealous. It is a plan of ours to make the trip back with him so he can see it all. Of all the places in the world he still asks when we get to go (there and Hawaii, but that one will be a while). I myself don't remember being so gung ho like he is about politics growing up.

This year he was so excited to go voting with me. He really loves Obama, and the night of the election he was cheering when Obama won a state. But it was still really close when it was bedtime, he woke me up in the middle of the night asking who won. I really didn't know because I went to bed before the results were in and I went about just watching other programming anyway. We found out and he was so excited. Who knows he may be a politician when he grows up. I just hope that passion for this stuff stays with him as he grows up.

Life is short, break the rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that made you smile.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Find a penny...

So on my walk out with the dog tonight I came across a shiny, new penny. Most people just throw them out or don't think they have much significance (especially not now given the recent economy left behind by a certain someone, let's just leave it at that). I on the other hand LOVE pennies. Everytime I see them I pick them up. H actually calls pennies (or any coins for that matter) wishes, because you can throw them in a wishing well.

I have done this since I was a little kid. In fact while picking up said penny tonight I remembered that I opened my first banking account at Zions with my pennies I had collected. I filled up an old popcorn tin that my brother sold while he was in boy scouts. I remember the tin very well because there was a picture of a boy on it that reminded me so much of my neighbor Brandon. I had collected $32 in pennies, really not much if you think of it but that is 3,200 pennies, so really it is alot of pennies. I now have probably about the same amount in my banking account currently but I was proud of my collection of pennies and I am glad I still collect them and remember when I was young of all the silly things I did as a kid.

Just so you know I did see Star Trek again tonight, did I mention what a great movie that is?

We are all pathetic, creepy and can't girls. That's why we fight robots.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ugh, working out can hurt...

So even though my baby sister can do a 3.2 (or something like that) all up hill it still kills me to just run for some time. I have been doing a 1 minute run to a 4 minute walk, I just upped the ante and did 2 run 3 walk. Didn't go as far as I have been but I even ended it with running for a little more then 3 minutes.

Really for me to remember that I ran for more then 3 minutes is really amazing because I am seriously stupid when I workout, no kidding, I dumb down. Remembering my name is even hard, so I will NEVER pick up guys while I am working out because of it.

Also just so you know I use the term "run" loosely because really I think at best it is a light jog, but really I think I see ladies with walkers go faster then I do when I work out.

And just so you know I think I should be studied because when I work out I have toxins leave my body. I turn bright red and I itch like crazy, all over it drives me insane.

I've been a bawdy little monkey.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

4 more weeks to go and Ragnar relay and myself...

I know deep down that H misses me however there are some days where it really gets to me. I find myself crying over silly little things and I think about it and then I find some way for it to come back to him. Most of it stems from me being lucky on not getting to talk to him for more than 3 minutes 3 days a week. I am just reminded on how much better of a person I can be when I actually try to get him to talk to his dad longer even when he tries not to and I try to make sure we make it quiet so they can hear each other. Only 2 weeks down, 4 more to go.

Well again my baby sister has survived another Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay Race (or however it is worded). She was having troubles getting the team to come together but it pulled through at the end, even if they had to get a random guy. I am glad he turned out to be pretty cool and a good fit for them. Not only am I proud of her but her whole team, they are a great bunch of people and I am glad she knows them, it makes life that much better to have such a great bunch of people around (random or forced into it) it sounds as though they had a lot of fun despite the weather.

This has been the second week of working out, I went running again today but I ditched the dog. I walked her at the beginning and the end as a warm up and cool down but she drags me down and I want to make this work out good. I am proud of myself, even though I am not working out as much as one would hope I think I am at a very good start. I just can't wait to show the boy that with enough dedication his mother can run a 3.1 (although I will tell him 3.2 all thanks to Mary). It will be the best feeling ever to have him see me and cheer me on. Not as far as Mary can go but it will be enough for now, a great start.

Forecast for tomorrow a few sprinkles of genius with a chance of doom.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Joel McHale...

My dear, sweet comedian man friend. I worship thee. He is really nice not just good to look at. I know, I guess I need a man in my life so I stop having such crazy crushes on celebrities. Rob Pattinson, Bradley Cooper, Chris Pine, Hugh Jackman... (there are so many more those are just the ones I have wanted or have seen their movies lately that I can recall). But really even if I had a man I would still have these crushes so it wouldn't do any good, I just want to be happy being me and spend all the time I can in the world with my son because really he is only going to want me for so long. Relationships can come afterwards. Yes I get lonely and yes it is hard at times but I would not change it for the world, I am very glad I have H, he means the world to me.

I like this picture other than I am squinting when I smile, I need to work on my modeling technique (Mary says do what Tyra says). I am glad it was such a better picture though but that is all thanks to Mary's friend Mandy who was smart enough to bring a camera. I am not sure where my camera is at the moment, it is MIA so hopefully as I am cleaning I will find it. So after I lose some of the weight (I could call it baby weight but come on the boy is 8 now, it is just pure laziness now) and practicing my modeling techniques hopefully I will have another chance to get it straight.

Maybe I could photoshop us in photos of weddings and such and just say he is my husband but he is traveling, no one I know seems to know him so I think I could pull it off. I might even get presents out of it.

It's those small daily happenings that make life so spectacular.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Happy birthday to me...

Well it was actually Friday and I realize this may be too late but I thought I would try. Got to see Joel McHale!!!! Got a surprise present from my son, he is a wonderful boy, it made my day even better. But still when I see the pictures he sent I wonder why I even bother trying to pack him clothes because he is not wearing anything that was sent. Oh well, you win some you lose some.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Artist rendering by the boy...

Just for you Mary, the picture of your favorite. The best I can tell is the part on the left is he and Garrett. Then split shot to them "spying" on the ground with five girls in the distance. The picture makes the words seem so much more fun to read. If they were not so cute and innocent I would say we have stalkers in the making.

This is day two of boot camp, so far so good. I am waking up extra early tomorrow to work out before work so I can have time to work on my cake. Dark purple, light purple, pale yellow and a green (shade still to be decided). I get to use my new colors, so excited. Then Joel McHale on Friday, I can't wait! I want to make a shirt that says "It's my 32nd birthday and all I want is a hug from Joel McHale!", I am going to borrow Mary's tiara too!!! (FYI, no money for the shirt but it is a nice thought anyway)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The boy's odd and funny thoughts...

So I am cleaning while H is gone inbetween making my birthday cake to take into work this week (New Moon trailer inspired). Making cakes for me is fun because it allows me to create.

Anyway H has all of his school stuff just all around the house and I am going through it all to decide on what to keep because you just can't keep it all. I decided to read his journal, if it were a personal diary I wouldn't have read it but this is one that the teached discussed with them and he saw me flipping through so he knows I would have read it. I am going to type them just as they are written because I feel it adds to it too. Keep in mind that I have told him that he needs to try to sound out the word and try to spell it first before he asks for help, that way he can figure out the different sounds.

If translations are needed let me know, but I had to decipher the handwriting so I think that was the hardest part.

Just some of the funnier or sweet thoughts that were in this journal...

What I like second grade is Recess because I like geting chased Bi girls.

I feel happy because I am going ot play army by my sler (I think he meant myself). because is it fun.

I feel happy because I have friends. one of my friend me.

I feel happy because I am going to play kickball it is fun to play and it well be 2nd grade agints 6th and 5th grade and 4th agints nowan.

I played starwars at Recess it was fun. I was OBKOBI Garrett was YODA. Gary was R2-D2.

at Kentucky I went to bedstory at theaads it was very very fun. Then it was sahrday then I came back home then i saw my mom.

Today we had a Ronald McDonald Assembley. my favorite thing was win mcdonald act like a bump on a log.

In January I played Army with Garrett and I watch Girls. That's really fun when I and Garrett played Army and watch Girls. It was awesome and cool. (this was then followed by a picture he drew of him and Garret hiding and three girls.

Today is loved ones Day and grandpa because he is hurt bad we fix stuff.

If I could change the world I would add a other state.

some of my best memories of 2nd grade is 2nd grade.

If I lived in the ocean I be a dolphin and I would play ball with Garrett and Makayla. I would be wet all the time.

This is the last

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The boy is off...

I sent H to his dad's for six weeks. I can't believe he is gone for that long. I just don't know what to do when he is gone, it is like he is my identity anymore. I am sure I will find something but I just don't feel the same. I do like to do something for myself when he is gone. I usually get my hair done or something.

I get to see lots of movies when he is gone too, that is one of my favorite things to do but I don't get to do it that often because I like the scary, action packed movies and I think most of them are inappropriate and too scary for him. Whether I rent or venture out in public I do see a good number of movies while he is gone.

I also catch up on my tv because I really don't get to watch a whole lot when he is around, at least not a whole lot that is not cartoon related. Call me crazy but I like to spend time with my kid and even though he may not admit it on most days he does like it too. In fact he gave me a hard time when I was reading the Twilight series because I was not spending enough time with him.

I miss him, but I know he will have fun so I guess I will live yet again.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Triathalon Sister...

Woo hoo little sister! You rock. Sorry the only pictures I was able to get because if you look below baby Iggy fell asleep and everytime I put him down he would wake up. Hope you enjoyed the sign, H thought you would like the glitter and fireworks.

Meeting up with Grandpa.

Drinking and talking.

The sleeping boy wonder.

Waiting for the race to be finished, those are small rocks not sand.

The sign by the boy for his aunt.

Oh, make that his best aunt. Sorry folks, I think the boy may have chosen a favorite.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Great son...

I know I talk about how wonderful I think my son is, even though some days I feel like I just want to strangle him, but when I have someone else make a comment to me on how good a kid he is I get even more boastful.

I have always said that he makes me strive to be better and I really believe that. I can promise you I would not know any of my neighbors if it were not for my son. He loves to go out there and meet them. Because he has been sick lately he has not had a presence outside as much and our neighbors have been concerned. I tell them he is sick and we get through that talk and such, well then they have to add in their piece of how wonderful he is with all the kids that are so much younger than he is. They just think he is wonderful to play with their 18 month olds.

I say he takes pity on a few other boys in the complex here, but really he just has a good heart and just wants to be friends with anyone. He even is really good to all the adults. I sent him out the other day to take the dog to the bathroom and I see him over talking to an older lady (a grandma) with the dog. I just got told today by her that he is really a great kid. She says every time she comes out he rushes over to tell her hello and just chats with her.

Two of our neighbors had babies and he had to rush out to get presents for their babies. He is the best and I can only hope to have the love in my heart that he has in his.

Good night boo, love you muches.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Knobby little knees...

So on a follow up visit to the doctor today we had to be seen by another doctor because our regular doctor was not in the office today. I took H back in because he has been throwing up and had not been able to keep a meal down. He advised me that we can trick the stomach into eating but putting him on a liquid diet and feeding him little bits through out the day. That way the stomach does not register that it has food in it and he will not throw up. So far he has been eating like this without much problem. He still gets an upset stomach but that is a sign for him to stop and wait for a little bit before we have more.

Honestly you look at the kid and you would not think that he is sick, he is running around like nothing it seriously just boils down to eating. He has lost 2 pounds since last Friday, that is a concern which is why we have to have a liquid diet to get some nourishment in him. He also is a little dehydrated, but I know it would be worse if I didn't make him drink from the sick bottle pretty much every 15 minutes. The doctor was impressed with that method.

I know he is still sick though because he wants to snuggle and have his "bebe" around. This one is a replacement one because the original was lost on our trip to San Diego. The cough does not sound like he is choking, just back to the original cough I went in for. I even went to the school today to pick up his class/homework so he can work on it because I am thinking by the end of the weekend he will be fine again.

On to the story of the knobby knees though, when the doctor came in I talked to him what was going on and such and he got H up on the table to push around on his stomach. No tenderness which is good, he was looking him over and mentioned his knees being knobby. Of course I have never really noticed them before for the most part because his pants and his shorts all cover them. But while being sick he has enjoyed just lounging around in his pajamas, well he has a short pair of shorts that he is wearing today and boy can you see them now. I took a picture and have it below but they poke out a lot! I wonder if he has a condition, I will research it on the internet some but then you wonder why he has the hypochondriac gene in him. ;)

If Wiley E. Coyote had enough money to buy all that ACME crap, why didn't he just buy dinner?

Tori Spelling troubles...

I don't want to add to any Hollywood gossip but this really struck a cord so I am just letting my feelings out.

I love Tori Spelling, I have loved her since the good old days of 90210 and Donna Martin. She has had a very successful career and has a wonderful life now. She has two books and she didn't want to have anyone else's voice on the audio version so she even read it. She has two cute and adorable kids that are just adorable and you can tell they love their mom. Dean is a great compliment to her and I totall wish them all the best.

Her mother was on a radio station on the East coast and she came out and said that Tori killed her father with Tori's strained relationship with their family. Oh please come on. I very highly doubt that was the case but even more importantly even if her mother believes that you suck for even bringing it up and furthermore airing it on a radio station! What mother would do that to her child.

I love you Tori, you should just not worry about having your mother in your life anymore. That is hard for me to say because I feel every child should have a good relationship with their mother or father but she is venimous and should just be cut. You have a great family relationship with your friends and they give you all the love and support that you should have.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The not so hypochondriac son...

Look who is laughing now my baby sis, I would say the past few days have not been so in the mind. At her request I am blogging about this because she saved me from wanting to yell at the boy, it will be explained down below why that was the case. Just to forewarn you though I will be explaining things, not in great detail but some of them funny at time so if any of that stuff sickens you please do not read on and just know the boy is sick and I am hoping he gets better before the next two weeks so he can go see his dad. And yes it will be long because I am long winded.

Alright this cough has been around since before Mother's day. I did finally get in to the doctor and he had given me those prescriptions, suppressant and an antibiotic. Well come to find out the boy is allergic to the suppressant. His eyes puff up when he takes it so we have been going sans suppressant, even the over the counter kind because I ran out of it. Don't let my dad know I really didn't read the side effects I just said I did, usually I do but I didn't feel the need because he has never had a reaction really to any medicine. I was hoping to let the cough run it course and he could just cough it up. Well that has not been the case, it actually has worsened over the past few days where it sounds as though he is choking when he is coughing. He even coughs in his sleep, not to the point that he wakes up but I know it is not a restful sleep.

On Monday he got really worn out with playing with the family at the park, we came home and went straight to bed. Well come Tuesday morning I tell the boy to suck it up because I didn't think he was that sick and he should go to school. That is mainly because it was month end at work and I needed to be there because unlike Boss Lady I feel like I need to be there and really knowing her she would find some way to get out of it because that is what she has done the last few month ends. I can just say karma got me though and it is funny so keep reading.

When we got home Tuesday he had one of his headaches. I got out my dad's glucose meter he is lending me because I think the boy may be hypoglycemic all stemming from the one time he had a headache and I didn't have water but we had a Sprite, well the headache went away without any throwing up. So now I want to monitor him and have some other news to go back to the doctor with. It might be migraines still because that runs in my family (why is it I can't blame any of this stuff on his dad's side, oh that is right his dad was adopted so we have no history so I find a link only to my terrible genes). Well I am forcing him to eat even though he is being reluctant. To my surprise while talking to his dad on the phone he gets to the point that he has to throw up. Long story short because I am not using this to vent about his dad but just have to add this in, his dad's b-day was Tuesday and I guess he was upset that H would not get to talk to him on his birthday, I guess he didn't hear him say that he was going to throw up. I got on the phone and explained to him what was going on and had H call him back at his dad's request after he thrown up.

This boy has thrown up a lot in his lifetime, it is only second in line to bloody noses. He throws up he just moves on with life like it never really happened. Me, I am out of commission but maybe because I don't throw up as often. Anyway, when I took the puke bucket to the toilet while pouring it in some of the lovely concoction flew up and got me in the eye. Like I said karma came back and got me.

Well today we stayed home and the only thing he can keep down without causing a stomach are cheese quesadillas and good old saltine crackers. I have been making him drink from a "sick bottle", just a regular bottle of water that we can throw out once he is done being sick. I was too tired to cook so we went and grabbed food, while eating he just picked at it so we decided we would leave. We went to get the antibiotics because I am hoping the cough will clear up some with that but not sure if it will just upset his stomach even more like most antibiotic. While there I picked up some more suppressant too. We get home all honky dory ready to give him the pill he told the doctor he could take. I told him in the doctor's office, he is my witness, you have never taken a pill you take those fast melt ones but those are not pills. He says he can do it, the doctor assures me I can cut it up and mush it if needed.

I show H the pill, he then proceeds to ask me does he just chew it or will it melt? Um, I think I already had this discussion with you, it does neither, you must swallow it. I walk him through the steps of putting the pill as far back on your tongue as you can and then you swallow it while you are drinking. Easy enough I know but I also know there is a gag reflex and it is hard, my sister Mary didn't take a regular pill until she was in her 20's. Taking baby tylenol for cramps (you asked that I share this on the blog so I am now embarrassing you), but I know it was hard for her to take it. And yet again in my genes so who knows. He drinks a little and tells me that it didn't go down. I tell him don't think about it as swallowing the pill just think about drinking the gatorade.

Well I finally just have him spit it out in the cup which then I proceed to cut up and throw back in the cup with more gatorade letting it dissolve. I decided that I will give it to him like the claritin I use to give him, the only medicine he loathes, that I will essentially pour it down his throat and he can just take a drink afterwards. Well we are both getting frustrated and I know I am getting to the point of almost yelling and he is just crying because now he is scared he says. I am trying to calm him down and we do the plan. He takes a small drink of gatorade and then hands it to me running around the house. I am thinking he is over reacting to the taste. Come to find out he is looking for the puke bucket and throws up the everything we just ate and the pill we just finally got down his throat. He also then holds up one finger and tells me he does not think he is going to school again tomorrow.

I have really had it at this point more because of the fact that he didn't say he was feeling like he was going to throw up and I just gave him one of the pills so I called my sister who talked me down because I didn't want to yell at him, he is sick but I am just so angry that I just wasted getting this pill down his throat. After that I go back out get another pill and cut it up and start having it dissolve. I go out and talk to him and explain we are going to try again. He says I guess there are only two choices in me getting better, puffed up eyes or throwing up. I just roll my eyes and I laugh at him. I tell him this pill will help, we just got to get it in and get it to stay down. He grabs the PB and says he needs it just in case. I tell him if he thinks he is going to throw up then he probably will and I explain that the doctor would not have given him the medicine if it really was not going to make him feel better. He nods his head and tells me I am right.

New plan, much like the old but with a little modification. I tell him I will pour it down, he grabs the water and then after to get any taste out takes a bite of string cheese. I then point at the PB on the couch and tell him it is there if he needs it but I think he can do it. He then tells me while acting out in slow motion him taking the drink and running after the PB. I laugh at him and say I will grab the PB while you are drinking and all you have to worry about it eating a bite of the string cheese. If he did throw up again the pills would have been put on hold.

We finally did it and no throw up yet. I gave him his suppressant and rubbed his chest with vapor rub (a childhood favorite). He had some trouble getting to sleep because he feel asleep for a little while driving to get the medicine but he is asleep now and not one cough since he fell asleep. Maybe, just maybe there may be an end in sight.

Good night moon.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sisterly love, cooking and the hypochondriac son...

My little sister is the greatest, she brought over the ladder so I could get my swamp cooler working. I take pride in knowing how to take care of a few things and that makes me very self sufficient, that doesn't hold over so well when it comes to guys, they like to take care of you. I say I have had to deal with it for 8 years by myself, just be happy I don't need help with every little thing. We got mine working, of course there is some small leaking that my dad said he had taken care of last summer but it is back so guess what there is a bucket under it. Luckily it is just minor dripping so I should never really have to worry about it, it will evaporate before it becomes anything bad. Plumbing things not my forte. But none the less I feel bad we went to work on hers and hind sight is 20/20 I know how to get it working but I think she was fed up because of the day and she knew she would help our dad out with his truck. I totally can fix it now, but she won't let me.
I don't claim to be a chef by any means, but after looking at a recipe that was on my sister's blog I "adapted" the sticky chicken one. H is still trying to figure out why it is called sticky but that is the way he is, very particular about things. I made asparagus to go along with it. We had also made some corn bread muffins earlier in the day so it was a full on meal for us. I have a hard time cooking chicken at home, it just boils down to the fact of the smell, if I can smell the raw chicken even if it is cooked I can taste the raw smell. I know it is freaky but I think I have only a few random quirks when it comes to things, I have been learning to deal with them.
My lovely sister also said my son was a hypochondriac today. He has been battling this nasty cold for some time now. We finally got into the doctor because if he is going to be leaving in a couple of weeks I want to make sure he is okay before he leaves. Well it is nothing serious, he gave us a cough suppressant that will help him to sleep because by the end of the day he is just drained from the coughing. Also gave me a prescription for antibiotics that I can choose to fill if it doesn't clear up, it is cough specific. I hate drugs, I hate giving the drugs to the boy, but I understand that sometimes it is needed. Like his allergies, if I don't spray his nose and give him his pill I can guarantee he gets a bloody nose. He is so use to them he just shoves toilet paper up there and carries on, it is because he hates to tie up his hand.
Well we gave him his medicine after a lot of thinking about it and we went swimming. It had cooled down a lot and the water was about 80 degrees, but that boy has no fat on him at all so he started shivering. I asked that he get out and warm up and then he could get back in. I gave him my towel too to warm him up, I told him he could use it because he had goose bumps and the shivering wouldn't stop. He said I didn't need it because I had none, I didn't want to tell him that would be because I have all fat now. He did get back in for not even 5 minutes before he decided he was too cold. As we were walking back I noticed his eye was swelling up. I don't know what would have caused it to swell up and this picture is not even at it's worse. I gave him an allergy pill, we put eye drops in and I put an ice pack on his eye. He kept telling me how sick he was and that he needed a blanket and quarantined himself to the bedroom until his eye was better. He also thought his eye was giving him a fever. Well it finally started to go down, I was minutes away from taking him to the hospital because I thought he was having a reaction to the drugs but then I checked him again and it started to go down.
Now Mary did call him a hypochondriac but really come on, he is my son, he is not reacting any worse then what I do on any other day. I get a pimple and I think it is skin cancer. But the funny thing is I may think all these things but I never go to the doctor I just play them out in my head and read up on it online but it never really goes much further then me telling others that is what I have. Only if I can find a real valid reason will I ever find an excuse to go to the doctor.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fishing Program 2009 and Memorial Day Woes...

Okay I have noticed my titles are becoming monsterous in size, I will work on that, but most of you know I am pretty long winded so I am not sure how long that will last.

One of the good parts about having a sister who works at the SoDa Center is she keeps me up to date on programs that H might like to do. She hit the nail on the head again. They have a fishing program that is just wonderful, it teaches kids about fishing basics and safety. Most of the guys running it are retired old men that are just great with kids. H has enjoyed this class so far, he looks forward to it and he told me that "it is about patience, which you already taught me mama." Yeah, that is one we are still working on. No fish caught yet but I am not sure what we are going to do when he catches one but we will figure it out when he gets it. He is an excellent caster though, he is proud of that and spends most of the class just bringing the hook back in and casting it out.
The funniest part about the picture that is above is I totally thought he had caught a fish so the helper brought over the net and bucket to get it, well it just turns out he got stuck in the weeds near by. He made me get up for nothing, silly boy.
I just found out that my older sister and boys will be doing their own fun on Memorial Day, that is sad because we usually always get to do something together as a family. H leaves right after school gets out so he won't get to see them for a long while because he will be with his dad for 6 weeks. We will have to carry on with out them though. Miss you guys already, hope you have lots of fun.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dog haircuts and psychotic cats...

Okay, really I love my cat. He can be so annoying but I like cats because they just keep to themselves and can be trained better then a dog because he has always gone in the litter box. Angel (yes, named after Angelus from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, who then got his own show and I find myself waking up bright and early to catch it on TNT) (okay, you caught me really because when we got him H said he wanted to name him Angel because he was like an angel, but really learned that is not the case) and the dog get along for the most part. I mean really, anyone living in the same household of you can get on your nerves and drive you to the point of insanity, you can say they don't but I know deep down it is true you just may choose to find a better venting tool then what others do. But for whatever reason, and it never fails, whenever the dog gets her hair cut, the cat seems to think it is a different dog and chooses to fight it out to the point where I have to cage one of them for the night. Seriously cat you are psycho! Just so you know how psycho he really is he takes off with my cellphone because it rings and vibrates so he just likes to take off with it. It does not happen as much anymore but I still catch him.

He is not as crazy as Friskies, the cat I got in 4th grade and snuck home and had hidden for about two weeks before I ran out of cat food for him and needed to get more but my parents saw the cat food I had put in the cart when the lady was ringing it up. Blasted parents for paying attention, but little does the boy know I did those things so I can catch him doing them and he can't figure out how I know. Friskies would attack you, but not just any attack he would leap on your head with his body over your face and claw into your head and latch on. Although Angel does just attack you out of no where but then runs away, like a sneak attack. And Angel did just attack my "wallet", the size of this thing is the size of a small clutch and actually quite heavy, he did proceed to take off with it before his front claws were removed. Okay, maybe it is a tie, why do I have the tendency to find all the psycho cats?

If I did not catch all of them just to make sure you know, the dog is a girl, the cat is a boy. I for some reason in my mind think dogs are boys and cats are girls. They are both fixed so really not anything other than the bane of my existence and it feels as though I have two other kids in my house at times.

Instead of a sign off, just a GREAT picture!!! Shatner is great.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hot and tired but can't sleep, so a week in review...

Well, the heat came today. It was nice though, I have enjoyed it. I have been using a self tanner because even though I did bake myself with the baby oil when I was a kid the idea of doing that now actually frightens me. I wonder why I freak out over any new mole, it would be one thing if they were cute little freckles but mine are big and yes sometimes nasty moles. The self tanner is so I look at least some what living considering I have those really bad dark circles under my eyes because of my continued use of allergy medicine and blonde nature (although I try to hide it, still a dirty blonde).
This week was quite the week, my sister is up from Vegas. She is up with the babe and is going to take the bar exam. Wow! I told someone at work about her doing this all and she looked at me and asked "Are you serious? With a new born? Law school?". So the fact that she is still kicking and getting through this all is great. Good for her though, only wish I could help her more than I am.
I just found out yesterday that my nephew has a "girlfriend", I guess he has "written" her a letter and "mailed" it, no those quotes should be there. My older sister is toying with his emotions. But still cute. He told me he wants to kiss her the next time he sees her because he held her hand the last time he saw her. To my understanding this is just some random girl he met at the park. I am sure my sister will pipe in with her defense.
I also did a 5k on Saturday, found out that it is not a 3.2 but a 3.1, but I could go on about that for days. Thanks sis for making me look like a fool to my co-workers when I write out on my board that I am doing a 3.2 and when we talk I mention it is a 5k. All of those looks from them make much more sense. My sister did it with me, I walked the whole thing (okay started with a jog but it really didn't last too long). I thought I had completed it in an hour, well it was just over an hour. Blasted! Well it gives me a goal for next time. I want to complete one with enough time to watch H start and complete his kidsK. Also, I kept getting teared up when other parents were coming down the finish line with their all too proud kids. I don't know if I will be able to do a marathon, but maybe a half? Time will tell along with lots of exercise. Picture of us together below, she being on the left me on the right and the shadow in my face.

Also I just wanted to mention just how proud I am of my son. He had a bike rodeo this week that he was planning on going to, well first we had to fix his flat. Well I ended up popping his tube, at which time 3 neighbors came out to figure out what the loud popping sound was. I had to admit defeat to the boy, he graciously accepted the fact that it was not going to happen so then he proceeded to tell me that he will put on his own rodeo once we get it fixed. I told him we could invite his cousins over and he could get them to put on a show too, he is all too excited for this. But I was proud that he did not let it ruin his spirits. I was really proud of him and it just shows how much he is growing up. He also literally got dog piled this weekend, picture below.

The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese in the trap.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day...

I don't look at Mother's day as being anything different than just another day to celebrate women in general. I don't think you need to be a mother so be able to get a present or a surprise. So to any women out there I wish you a happy Mother's day today because guess what you have one and sometimes that is more of a battle than being a mother yourself.

We spent the day at the park, we had lots of fun. I forgot my camera so hopefully my older sister can send me some of the pictures that were taken on her camera because overall it was a wonderful day. Even with some headbutting with H it was still fun. I put a picture of the flowers that were sent to me from him, and no I didn't order these myself this year, his step mother actually helped him to pull it off. I enjoyed them alot and think it was great that she helped him out. I still want to warn you all that sometimes he really doesn't keep secrets very well (much like my younger sister).

The best think a father can do for his children is to show respect to their mother.