Sunday, January 25, 2009

New year, new goals... well maybe.

Haha, I suck. I have not done very well at updating. But I must say I am much better than my baby sister. She still has only the blue pictures on her blog of pictures on the go. I will take solace in that little fact.

Well Christmas came and went. H got to celebrate before he went to his dad's and again when he got back too. His dad is Jewish so with H still believing that Christmas still has that magical aspect in life I wanted to make sure I got to share those memories with him. I figure I have only about one more year before the cover is blown.

H flew by himself to his dad, it broke my heart because he was telling me how nervous he was. When I brought this up to his dad he just scoffed at me thinking I was just trying to get under his skin. What he does not realize is my one and only concern is the boy, not sure why he wants to make is a battle. Once at the airport just a few minutes before H lost all of his reservation and was filled with so much exhilaration broke out. That stung my heart just as much as him being scared. He is really growing to fast for me to enjoy his life like I want.

Our latest adventure was to go see Walking with the Dinosaurs, it was quite captivating. H has out grown his love of Thomas the Tank engine and is into Dinosaurs. I am pretty sure he has checked out every book about Dinosaurs from his school library. His face was quite facinated in all of the Dinosaurs, his favorite is ofcourse T-Rex. He had really believed most of them were real. It was not until the last few at the end where he noticed the smaller ones had human legs as well as the Dinosaur legs too. Even as much as what was spent on the tickets I would do it again because he enjoyed it so much.

Again this may be a broken promise but I have put little reminders in my calander now that I might be able to try to update this a little more often. Here is hoping. ;)