Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sign my year book...

Well my sister and I vary on what we found fun in high school. I LOVED going to dances, stomps and games. I also enjoyed the last day of school when all you would do is walk around getting signatures and little notes from friends and teachers. Usually I liked that because it always would boast you up and who doesn't want to feel special?

I have found my old year books and was showing the boy old friends, boyfriends and family. Again he just loves to hear what stories you can share with him. I started reading some of the old comments and came across one that was done by... wait for it... Mary! What in the world was she thinking considering her snide comments and despise to all that is fun and lovely in high school.

I was laughing so hard reading this so her comments are below...

Off to the side she states "this was my split personality to" which only makes me think she has signed somewhere else but I haven't found it yet if she did.

"that you have a terrific summer swimming your butt off to beat you abnoxis little sister (Mary). You may think she is a piece of crap now butt wait till she has got money (grown-up, got a job) you'll wish you never had said that she was a female dog. Now you other sister is something else. She can break a mirror just by looking at it. Even though you say she is so cute really isn't. If you look with your heart and not your eyes you'll see what she is. She is a hairy monster that lurks around your bedroom trying to scare you. You think she's a cudly little green muchins. But she NOT! Listen to me. I know the truth. I was once a ... that you're little sister (Mary) get along better. Give her some licore. She deserves it. But Tami deserves it more. I hope you keep splashing both your sisters. They both deserve it. Stay cool and your sister Mary

Not sure exactly which sister she was talking about but most of that was with in the parenthesis of the split personality warning.

Love it!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Well we like to hit up the Disney Nature movies during the first week because during the first week they donate the proceeds to back to the earth. We did get to see "Oceans" and my son is quite the little google guide. I don't think I have ever expressed how much he loves the ocean and ocean creatures. I thought I had a love of it, I pale in comparison to him. Even though he did get some of the shout outs in the movie last night wrong, he still knew way more than I did (and yes by shout outs I do mean we are one of "those" people in the theatre, more because the boy does not understand he should be quiet during a movie and when he has something to say it just gets said).

His love of the ocean does come from me in the most part, my only dream is to make a trip to Hawaii in the not to far distant future. I love fish (not eating them by any means) and would love to live by the ocean one day and just venture out to the beach and hang out all day. He has numerous books regarding Sharks and other sea life and he does actually read them and loves to just call out the knowledge that he retains (I am jealous of his learning habits and only wish it was that easy for me).

Our trip to Sea World was one of the best trips he ever had and we talk about it all the time. We are looking forward to our vacation this year, he deserves a wonderful trip for being so kind and letting me work as hard as I have been able to while we got a new accounting program, he has stayed out of trouble and has had to deal with me coming home in a terrible mood.

Oceans is a great movie, they did have a more powerful "green message" than "Earth" from last year, but it was beautifully shot. Can't wait until it comes out on DVD.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

9 quirks to love...

Okay, so even though sometimes these are just so annoying these are things that I love about Hunter.

1 - Slug bug consists of not only the beetles but motorcycles (and not skooters), PT Cruisers, convertibles and now Mini Coopers. There are many rules to this game too, my favorite is if you are the first on to slug that day you have to say "game on" or that does not count.

2 - We seem to collect a ton of hand sanitizer, it is something he has picked up since everything has gone around and they use it alot at daycare and at school. When he sees it for sale he asks to get one, but then he changes his mind and says "we should get two, you know just incase". This happens with a number of things, just happened most recently with the hand sanitizer.

3 - Picks up a Real Estate book all the time, his reasoning is "it is not the same one that we have already", even though it really is.

4 - Gets too excited when we buy random gifts for people that the very next time he sees them he either tells them or gives it to them, even though I say we should wait for their birthday or Christmas.

5 - Tries to annoy Aunt Mary by liking things she doesn't like Jacob and the $5 dollar footlong Subway commercial song.

6 - Orders pineapple and mushroom pizzas, I get looks all the time from waiters making sure they had heard him correctly. It is even best when he orders it with peppers (pepperoni) but then pulls off the peppers to give to me.

7 - Gets excited if there is a "boring" paper out on the porch that he can give to Grandpa.

8 - Kind of goes along with number 1, always orders two just incase he is that hungry, but usually never eats the second one. It usually sits in the fridge with the stickers he puts in there that supposedly should last longer because that is where they belong????.

9 - My all time favorite, "remember when", he loves to have real childhood stories told (his own or others) if you start it with "remember when" I promise you he will remember it and then 5 minutes later he will ask you "remember when you told me that story".

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Back to funny...

So my loving sister has pointed out I have been to serious in my blogs lately so I am going to lighten it up some. I follow another blog and she interviews her children on their birthday, obviously her questions get way funnier responses. If you make it through the interview at the end you will see an all too funny conversation between he and I during dinner tonight.

Can I do an interview? What's that?
I ask you a bunch of questions. Okay.
How old are you now? 9.
What is your favorite color? B.lue
What is your favorite thing to do? Play video games.
What is your favorite food? Chicken.
Is there anything special that you want to tell people about on your birthday? I love my mom.
Are you just saying that because your mom is asking you the questions? No, I really love my mom.
If there was anything in this whole wide world that you could have what would you choose? a million bucks.
What would you like for your birthday party? A lot of Dreamworks How to Train a Dragon stuff.
You know you are getting that already so is there anything else? Maybe my grandma, grandpa, Mary and my cousins (I interrupt him at this point)
Those are people so you think you're getting people? Oh, I don't know then, I don't have an answer.

Him back to me "Mom, are you doing a surprise for me?" If I was doing a surprise do you think I would be asking questions?

Alright as promised at dinner Hunter told me that he wanted to have a little bacon cheese burger and a cheese burger. I ask him if he was sure because they are big, he says yes, so I let him. After we sit down and start sorting out the food he says I thought mine would be smaller.

And again he pulls out the bacon and the conversation goes like this below.

"I like pig"
"That's bacon"
"I know but it's pig"
"But you know bacon comes from pig but they call it bacon"
"No it is spelt minuse the b-a-c-o-n but add the p-i-g"

Truely I hope he was trying to toy with me.

I also had quite the conversation with him regarding the bathroom, it did included sound effects, not a dinner conversation to be held around just anyone.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Birthday boy...

Where does one start (this may be long, sorry), I was cleaning and then I started organizing my photos online and decided to write about this beautiful being that I have been blessed with. I don't have all the photos online yet, but found some good one for this.

Hunter was born April 10, 2001 at 4:14 am. His birth was rather fast, I mean at least listening to all those horrid stories where it would take days. I left work and after an hour and a half commute from the West Desert finally made it home. I ordered a large Domino's pepperoni pizza, ate the whole thing and fell asleep on the couch watching tv. I awoke and was making my way to the bedroom when it felt like I had peed my pants, I thought that was weird. Experiencing a back ache I started thinking maybe I didn't pee, and what does every child do when they start not feeling good do, I called my mom. I remember talking to her on the phone and she suggested that maybe we should just go to the hospital, you know just in case. I agreed.

It was a little after 9 pm. I WANTED the epidural, sorry, I may act strong but so really not at times. I ended up throwing up the pizza and my blood pressure started dropping so they had to give me some oxygen. But come 4:14 I had a son. I had to yell at my mom for leaning on my leg, that hurt. She cut the cord. They had asked me at one point in time if I wanted a mirror to watch, and again sorry but really who wants to watch that? He had come out with his hand to his forehead, I remember the red mark on his forehead for the longest time, I thought it would never go away. He has a little birthmark on his bum, of course it took me forever to get use to that because I just kept thinking I wasn't wiping good enough. Trust me no matter how many times you wipe, the mark will stay.

He was super sensitive to my breast milk, no matter what the doctor and I tried it caused more problems than it did help him so we started formula. Yes, he had expensive test even as an infant. He would not settle just for any formula, no generic cheapy for him. I had to finally start getting the expensive stuff, soy everything added to it for sensitive stomach stuff. We have been doomed to fight always, even in the womb he had more hiccups than I could even stand.

Of course I tried to get him to crawl, guess what he skooted. In fact my brother-in-law called him "skooter". The boy would not really crawl, he then started to pull himself up and walked with assistance. Later in his life I finally find out that step is actually a crucial link that is needed in his brain and his karate teacher (who worked with ADHD kids during the day) taught us a few techniques that helped him in school some, trust me it has helped even if his aunt says he is ADHD, yes I know jokingly but you know deep down you are thinking, "well maybe".

I always thought he was a brilliant child, what mother doesn't, he knew all his colors before he was two. He would line up his hot wheel cars all perfect in a row. He had to continuously wash his hands, I started thinking he had OCD, now a days I have to beg him to wash. He still has to have things just a certain way and has melt downs if they don't go his way, really come one I have no idea where he gets that from (I am trying to forget the Mother's day outing I had planned and it didn't work out and my darling brother had to step in and come up with something else because I was crying on the side of the road, but really come on that is totally different right???).

He makes friends so easily. He love animals and sometimes I catch him with a tear when he sees commercials for the Humane society, which I find funny because if I am crying over a movie he has to ask me why I am crying. He doesn't understand why he gets frog items from my family and looks to me and I tell him "sometimes they forget you like your own things and just buy things that mommy likes too". Of course he can't believe he got a pig cutting board because that is something Mary likes, but we love using it!

He has learned how to manipulate the system, if mom says no he can usually get it from Grandma or Grandpa. I let him know how spoiled he is each time and his only response is "true" and yes that is his actual word.

I love this little boy more than anything in this world. I know a big surprise and a huge cliche, but I promise you I never would have known until I had him. When I am around other kids now I know they can get on my nerves but it is so totally different when it comes to your own. I don't know how any one parent can ever repay to a child what love they have for them, but I promise you it is not from a lack of trying.

My only hope for this young lad who turns 9 today is that I can teach him to make the right decisions and the same values and standards I have learned from my parents. I never truly appreciated them when I was growing up but I do appreciate them more than they could even know now and they have my son to thank for that.

I gathered pictures the best I could from his birthdays. I am missing the all but important picture of the day of his birth, sorry, I am slowly organizing them. I am also missing his ultrasound pictures and my belly shot, not sure I will ever find those and that makes me sad, but I am more happy that we have time and memories together.

He returns tomorrow from his dad's, I can't wait to see him.

As for the pictures, going from top to bottom. 1st birthday, 2nd birthday breakfast, 3rd year potty shot (what mom doesn't get that shot and try to embarass their child with it), 4th year birthday party at daycare, 5th year just a shot at the park, 6th year friend birthday party, 7th year friend birthday party, I want to say the last one is his 8th year but I just liked it so I grabbed it.

Happy Birthday Hunter. Love you babe.