Saturday, October 6, 2012

Proud mom, proud son...

I really honored to have such a great boy in my life. Every time I think of him I am blown away by everything he teaches me. Even though he is growing up and I will be needed or wanted more I get more of a glimpse at how we will interact as he gets older.

Today we spent most of the day together by ourselves having breakfast and then lunch together a failed attempt at some Star Wars origami and shopping for items to complete his vision for a zombie alien costume (he has a very particular vision for it).

As we came home from our day of course he had friends waiting for him to play. As he got out of the car I lingered trying to gather everything out and our leftovers for lunch I got to catch part of the conversation he was having with his friends. He was just as honored to spend the day with me as I was with him and he was gloating about it to his friends.

With all the fights and arguments we get in together I know no matter what we have a bond and an admiration of each other that will remain unchanged.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Red Curry Chicken...

This is one of 3 dishes that I can cook well enough that the boy craves for.

One day while watching Food Network there was a show that I was watching and she made this dish, don't ask me which show because I really don't recall, she does really cheap dishes. Of course though anyone who knows me I don't like to follow rules so following a recipe is just as bad, so I worked the best I could with what I remembered.

Tonight's dish was made at the boy's request, chicken, onions, fresh tomatoes (previously made with canned), coconut milk, red curry, garlic and lime juice. Usually we put in cilantro but I don't know how we got parsley instead so we are missing one ingredient but must say it is still god.

Mmmm, chicken, it's what's for dinner.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Siri scares me...

Alright it is not just Siri but the idea of a new phone in general really frightens me for a number of reasons.

1- I am so far from tech savvy that I am so clueless. Why yes H has learned to use my phone faster than I.

2- I feel your phone should not be smarter than yourself, pretty sure this phone wins hands down.

3- Now that I have an iPhone I may have to help and assist the old man with his, that could be a disaster, one must remember to breathe during those sessions.

4- My identity with the boy as mother is being even more diminished by the fact that he "talks" to Siri more than me now.

Something I am proud of at this point though, I did figure out how to blog from it. I failed miserably at that on the blackberry. I also figured out how to post on fb and place a photo with that post, there may be some hope for me yet so watch out you may hear more from me. SCARY I know.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pumpkin Cutting 2011...

We had a family tradition at one point where we all would go up and pick out our pumpkins and do the corn maze, but in the last couple of years it appears we have dropped this tradition. Wanting to stick with some of the tradition I took the boy out to go get our own. He was a man on a mission and knew exactly what he wanted got in and go out.

Given that he is now 10 and in previous years I had let him try to clean out the pumpkin, knife was still handled by me but I made him grab a spoon (ok he came back out with a ladle so I sent him back in for a spoon). Since he chose a huge pumpkin this year, and by huge it was so big he could not carry by himself we were out there for some time while he cleaned it out.

Now every picture has been posed because he thought they would be funny to show. Finally I got tired of waiting for him to clean so he was excused and I finished. Once he came back he thought he would see how clean I got it...

but obviously I didn't make the hole big enough for a close up inspection.

He did his own design and I was the cutter. I decided on mine to make a pumpkin although I have been told it looks like an apple. Coming to my rescue was the neighborhood kid who said it was a pumpkin too and then a polite reminder that he was only in 2nd grade so it really didn't count.

Sticking with at least one tradition I allowed H to destroy the pumpkins. The big one again was too big so he went at it with a bat.

Safety first, which is why he had the helmet and gloves on. :)

And again sticking with some tradition, you broke it you clean it up, hence the bag for picking up the pieces.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The kiss that missed...

Alright, I know you can get cheaper books at Walmart or where ever but I love to go to the book fair at H's elementary school. Usually anything they sale there he gets points on for reading.

It is wonderful. He gets to choose a few that earn him many points and then he gets to choose a few fun ones for him and we typically pick up a new book off the wish list for his teacher as well. We walk away spending a pretty penny but all worth it in the end because most of the funds are given to the school.

In one of our shopping trips we found this book, "The Kiss That Missed" by David Melling, I LOVE THIS BOOK. It is just a cute little book about a king who is too busy to spend time with his son. On his way busy being the king he blew a kiss and guess what, yep, it missed the boy.

The king then sends his trusty knight to track down the kiss. This kiss goes everywhere, a dark scary forrest, wolves, bears and yes even a dragon is in this book but the kiss is captured in the end and returned where everyone is happy and the king promises to not be in a hurry anymore.

It helps to remind me to take time to spend with the little lad before he is too old. The reason why I bring this up now is because H loves to say goodbye but to have missed kisses. Yes, we blow a kiss and the first one always goes on by. The second kiss usually lands on us and we rub it in. As he is getting older he doesn't want to kiss mom anymore but he really likes to play this game with me and I find it adorable.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I feel special...

I am a nerd in so many ways. I still am learning this blog thing and although I have had the followers thing on my blog I guess I never really looked at it. I must say I feel extra special to have 5 now and they are not just family.

And to feel even more "special" I guess some where along the line I turned off the notifications of those commenting on my blog and I never knew or checked it out, I feel special for being so "special" and not realizing what I am doing with this thing.

Thanks my lovely followers. :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Blog name meaning...

Well originally it was hmgfamilyfiles (Hunter and mama), it is mostly about the 2 of us and seriously who would not be able to gloat about this cute, little, adorable boy (yes, even if he chooses to wear stockings on his head and hands). I tend to use it to rant about little things that urk me here and there or to boost up something I love. If I find the time I like to put down the musings of the little one when I come across them in his school journal (he wants his own blog as he gets older he says, I am sure that will be interesting). It allows my friends and family get to know me better by going through this blog. I in turn love to "cyber" stalk them back and read up on their life with their family, lots of cute little ideas I have come across.

I ended up changing it to the G-files because it fits me a little bit more (think along the lines of the X-files, yes, that geekdom coming out again). Same talk just different name, shorter for me.