Thursday, July 28, 2011

The kiss that missed...

Alright, I know you can get cheaper books at Walmart or where ever but I love to go to the book fair at H's elementary school. Usually anything they sale there he gets points on for reading.

It is wonderful. He gets to choose a few that earn him many points and then he gets to choose a few fun ones for him and we typically pick up a new book off the wish list for his teacher as well. We walk away spending a pretty penny but all worth it in the end because most of the funds are given to the school.

In one of our shopping trips we found this book, "The Kiss That Missed" by David Melling, I LOVE THIS BOOK. It is just a cute little book about a king who is too busy to spend time with his son. On his way busy being the king he blew a kiss and guess what, yep, it missed the boy.

The king then sends his trusty knight to track down the kiss. This kiss goes everywhere, a dark scary forrest, wolves, bears and yes even a dragon is in this book but the kiss is captured in the end and returned where everyone is happy and the king promises to not be in a hurry anymore.

It helps to remind me to take time to spend with the little lad before he is too old. The reason why I bring this up now is because H loves to say goodbye but to have missed kisses. Yes, we blow a kiss and the first one always goes on by. The second kiss usually lands on us and we rub it in. As he is getting older he doesn't want to kiss mom anymore but he really likes to play this game with me and I find it adorable.