Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Local disturber...

Today while driving to daycare we pulled up to the stop light and the boy was looking out the passenger window. I could see him get a little tense and he looked straight forward as a delivery truck pulled up beside us.

I didn't think much of it while we waited for the light to change. Then he says "mama, the truck beside us is a local disturber." It took a few seconds for what he said to sink in so I looked at him and said "huh?", he was cautiously trying to point to the truck and said again "a local disturber". I looked at the side of the truck and it said local distributor. I explained the difference and we laughed because he said "oh, good because I didn't want to be disturbed."

Of course I think we should have that caution on our car because he is a disturber himself but I am sure most would think that too.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lucky as can be...

As a parent but even more so in my case as a single parent I must remember to control my temper more. I know I don't get upset when it comes to some things but I may lose my temper over others. I tend to take more of my stress out on the boy and he really doesn't deserve that.

We fight tooth and nail at times but I must take advantage of the time I have with him. If I push him too hard as he gets older is will only keep him further away.

Today I did and said somethings that I regret in a fight we were having, why did I do it? Because I knew it would make him cry and I wanted to see an emotion other than the dislike and hate I see coming from his eyes at me at times when we fight. I must remind myself he lives with me full time, even though it may be all fun and games when he gets to see his dad I know by the end of the time he thankful to come home and be an only child again. I get jealous and I let it get the best of me at times. As he gets older he will realize that the rules and stipulations he has at home are there for good reasons.

As a parent I must remember the good times more than the bad and show him the love that he deserves.

As a parent I must remember that I am as lucky as I can be when it comes to him because he is a wonderful person to be around and I am learning as much from him as he is from me.
As a parent I must remember to love the sweet innocent face more than the mean face that we get even if we know the rules we set forth are for good reasons and not what is deemed as "just being mean"...

I must remember this face, well maybe not the face exactly because that one kind of scares me ;) but the memories behind the face that show me I am loved.