Monday, December 21, 2009

I have taught the boy nothing...

So I feel like I am a failure as a mother, and no it has nothing to do with me not providing for my child (because other than my nephews I have not met another spoiled boy who gets what he wants), it has more to do with having him not able to tell the difference between Whitney Houston "I want to dance with somebody" and Michael Jackson "Thriller". For some unknown reason when we were listening to Whitney on the CD we popped in he turned to me and said "I love this song, you know Thriller by Michael Jackson". They couldn't soung anymore different than if they tried.

Now I know he gets this from me, I have a bad habit of not remembering things very well. I confuse actor's real life names and screen names continously, I figure if I come close or you know what I am talking about then I am good. When I can actually pull it off some people I know don't believe me anyway and have to verify what I have told them (No I am not actually pointing fingers at you yet Mary, Ally McKay or Ally McBeal what is the difference really).

H has got on to tonight too and I have found out that not one thing I have bought for him this year is really what he wanted because what he had originally asked for was a journal, well now they are all completely different things. I asked him about a video game I got him tonight, he said that he would like it okay but it was not his choice. Seriously I think he is going to be disappointed in Christmas because he is not getting what he wants or a better way to put it what he is wanted at the time.

But overall he is a good kid, I know he will put on a happy face and be happy with what he got and he loves to choose out what we get to take to the shelter every year because he knows that will make other people happy too but it is just a parent thing when you want to make your child happy. Given that I don't have many years left to make Christmas magical, I just need to accept that he will be happy and I don't need to get him all that he wants.

Also how in the world did I decide that we would make our pajamas this year, and no I cannot make a snowflake out of fabric so they are snowballs (or really just polka dots) but I will carry on and try to get them complete so we can wear them for Christmas Eve.

He is looking forward Christmas Eve too, he is so happy that I won't be working (yes, many, many late nights recently so I am really thankful he has been so patient with me) and it will be a long weekend for the two of us.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Season of joy...

I have been slacking but not just because I am lazy but more because I just have been busy and have not found the time.

I think I really do love Christmas the best, well besides my birthday which in itself is a holiday. I just like giving, I really don't like to get gifts for the most part, unless there is a meaning behind it. I really would just rather spend the time with my family and dear friends. They mean more to me than any present in the world could give to me (well unless you are talking about a trip or even a new house in Hawaii because sorry folks I would ditch you in heartbeat :D).

This year I am making treats for our neighbors, depending on the time it could be just a s'mores kit (idea stolen from another blog I follow) or I may be willing to try out making cake pops (minus the sticks, and still another idea stolen from another blog, but my sister follows that one). Could be both but who knows.

I plan on getting up some pictures here shortly of our recent adventure to the Festival of Trees, but I could be holding out a promise I can't keep. ;)

Dear Santa, define the word "good".