Saturday, August 7, 2010

Adventurous Trip...

How does one's vacation start, of course we get to the airport with plenty of time only to find out that our plane was delayed. Well I have decided to try the online check in thing from Delta and had print out our boarding passes before we got to the airport, nice but still new to it so it kind of through me off. We get to the airport and we have bags we have to check, well because we were using the AMEX card we got to check our bags for free.

Well given that I don't know what to do at this point because we have our boarding passes and we have to check bags but Delta only has two options from what I could tell when we walked in, the desk side (and they guard that sucker tightly and you are seriously not allowed over there with out good reason or the Kiosks), I needed neither so I wait in a line in hopes to make it to the man there barking orders at other passengers. This man then started yelling at a couple that were going through the exit, they said all they needed to do was to check their baggage because they had their boarding pass, I was thinking score, I know where to go now, but I didn't dare just to go there without having his confirmation. When I finally got his attention he then looked at my passes and asked if I paid for my baggage, I looked at him confused and you could tell he was annoyed with me, he then asked again. I looked at him and said "I don't know what you mean by paid, it says the bags were free." He looked at the passes again and asked if I was able to show the counter my Skymiles number, I said yes and like he didn't believe me because he asked right back "are you sure?". I finally make it up to the counter and have my sky miles card ready for the counter, well the lady there didn't even want to look at it, so why was this man such a jerk? Whatever. We were told that our plane was delayed, which is fine, we are still making it there so it's all good. H pulls out his Nintendo DS and starts playing his games (first picture on top).

Finally after the plane and catching a bus we get on a train (much like the UTA Frontrunner) called the Coaster and make our way up to Carlsbad. The only thing that has got H off his DS is pictured to the left. He quickly put it away when I told him I spotted the ocean. The game was away for the rest of the ride. This picture does not do the ocean views we saw along the way any justice but it still is good.

We finally get off the train and we were going to walk to the hotel, it really didn't seem that far away on the map but I kind of freaked out and decided that we would call for a taxi and take that to the hotel.

That brings us to the stalking ant (not aunt) that H found. Yes, according to him it is Mr. Ant's wife (an ant he caught and tried to keep back home, he did so for about two months). I asked how he knew it was her and I was told he knows what the ant looks like. Sorry Mary lady bugs have nothing on ants.

If I make mention I am talking to Mary he makes sure I ask about the cat and dog so hopefully she is being a very good sub mom to them.

After finally making it to the hotel, H has decided that instead of sitting on it or sleeping it in he will jump in the bed. But really what mother could say "no" to a face like that? Even with all the problems we have been having H is looking at this as an adventure, I can only hope to improve on this.
I will try to blog later but who knows, I may get too involved and this may be my only blog about this trip, but a girl can only hope.