Sunday, April 10, 2011

Golden birthday boy...

Oh my beautiful son, today is his birthday and because we can't be at the park because of the fun Utah weather I didn't want it to be uneventful for him. As my sister took him to see the movie Hop yesterday I ran out and bought as much golden items as I felt like I should.

I waited until he was a sleep and I decorated his room. There were 11 gold balloons, yes he is only 10 but I was worried one would pop or deflate so it wouldn't float up by the time he went to sleep. I also hung gold stars from his light and got a gold door hanger.

I got woke up this morning by one quiet little boy, "mom, my room is decorated?", it was almost like he thought a fairy came in and decorated. I explained that I had done it and he was even more happy.

I told him even though we couldn't have a party I wanted him to enjoy his day. He even gave me one of his gold balloons because he noticed there were 11. He also has a gold necklace and is running around the house rapping his little heart out. Oy, I have created a monster, the above picture is him in "rapping mode".

H was also given gold nugget gum and the closest to gold candy I could find because the lady cut in front of me and took the remainder of the gold coins.

And just to keep up the tradition, his interview...

How old are you? I'M 10!!!

What is your favorite animal? A shark, to be specific a tiger shark.

Why is a tiger shark your favorite? Because he can swim up to 20 miles per hour. (he really does know lots about sharks)

What is your favorite color? Navy blue slash camo. (the slash was from him)

What is your favorite toy? My favorite toy is my DS, well I do know you will give me a DS 3D.

What is your favorite food? My favorite food is (pounding the couch imitating a drum roll) fried chicken.

If fried chicken is your favorite food why do you not eat your mother's? Because they are not fried enough.

What is your favorite thing to do? If it wasn't snowing (which is what has been happening the last two days) I would be playing outside. If it was snowing it would be playing Poptropica (which is his way of saying can you hurry up and get off the computer so I can play on it).

Is there anything special that you want to tell people on your birthday? Well if they were all here I would say "thank you for all your presents and I love all of you and I hope this is the same thing next year."

If there was anything in the world that you could have what would you want? Anything in the whole world, I would probably choose any DS game that I don't already have.

What would you like for your birthday? All the love that I can get.

Anything else you want to say on your birthday? Yeah, I wish that I could bring the laptop with me while I wait for everyone to show up I can play Poptropica. (this is if we were having a party today)