Thursday, January 28, 2010

For Mrs. B and the dog did what...

I know Mrs. B did not really want me to talk about her, but I can't help it I finally got something out of H that I thought I would just share because he is just so cute!

So H mentioned that he loves learning his home row, it took me a bit but I finally clued in to what he was talking about. He loves to go to computer lab and he loves learning new letters on the keyboard because I guess the little modules they use have characters of sorts, he likes getting to the end because they sometimes sing and dance. I mentioned he is learning to do typing in elementary school but I learned that stuff in Jr. High, he thought it was great that he was as smart as me in JH (probably not a far stretch but I still think I have him beat). G-pa stepped up and said he is still learning the keyboard, he loved the fact he was smarter than him (and yes again probably not a far stretch but I think the old man wins just by age alone).

I know she will be leaving soon as her son will be out of the school, I think this year but I wanted to make sure she knew we love her and has inspired the kid to get through the keyboard (even if he puts his fingers there and then still chicken pecks at home).

I posted on FB that the boy had a very hard day today at school but he pulled through and at least according to him he did not get in trouble but I guess they had a lot of school work today, I feel bad for the kid but I did let him know that all those days I have such a hard day at work is a lot like he felt at school today, he was a little more understanding. I only hope I gave him enough balloons and tickles to really cheer him up.

And just you know the picture shows that even if the dog eats the homework, well I guess in this case tore and threw up on the homework, we were able to tape it back together and clean it up and we got the library homework done, hopefully not late but done.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

It can be done...

For as much as I love my sweet, handsome and adorable little boy, there is a down side to him at times. I have such a hard time cooking a meal that he will eat at home. No matter how hard I try I can not win sometimes.

As an example he LOVES drumsticks and chicken strips, however if I tend to make them forget it, I am lucky I actually get him to chow down one, which if he normally eats chicken on the bone he chows down so much that I get grossed out and ask him to stop because he is just sucking the marrow from the bone at that point (yes I know totally gross and way too much information).

Come this past week, I am really trying to cut a lot of sodium out of my diet and work on trying to eat more at home to prepare for this new diet I want to try out once I get some time to fully read the book, I made two meals that H actually liked.

First was a play on Top Ramen (yes, it is a staple at my house and please do not judge me) where I cut out some of the seasoning in the packs so it was lower in sodium. I then cooked up steaks and cut them into thin little slices and sauteed onions and mushrooms (yes, my crazy picky, young son LOVES mushrooms). He loved it! He even went back for seconds! That is unheard of when it comes to my meals at home.

The second meal was cooked tonight, it was a play off of a knock off recipe for my favorite soup in the world from Olive Garden. I even thought that the kale in it would make him not want to eat it but a rule in my house is you have to try it once before you can hate it, and you still need to try it in the future. He ate it, no second bowl but he did say he would eat it again if I made it, seriously I will take progress where I can get it.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Family math night...

So even with all the work I have been doing (of course it is only work if I can stop having complete melt downs and crying) there have been a few precious moments with H this past week. I don't mind working but it is so very important that my son knows he is the world to me and he truly will come before work when it is important to him.

This comes to Family Math Night at school (before this we had to work together to get his snowman decorated so he could put in on the board to show me come parent teacher conference), we went tonight. The joy on his face for him to see me pick him up from daycare is enough to kill me sometimes, but it is what is needed to get done in order to make our life better. We went to grab sandwiches and ate before heading over.

Even though the instructions and directions on where to go were right there, it was like a scavenger hunt to him. We had to find the way to the classroom. I beat him really good in one of the games (it was a mistake to let him win so many times before because he cries sometimes if he doesn't win with me) but he beat me on the other. He finally did decide that he wanted to try out the "Smarter than a... whatever grade you were in" and I actually remembered some things and once he was able to figure out how to work the controller (you think the principal would have offered some sort of instructions) we did rather well. Which led back to one more classroom for more games and yes I was winning but then forfeited many hands so he could win (I then started pulling out the correct cards for him to get higher up in points). He was so proud to beat me on that one, but is it really beating me when I set him up?

All in all we had a total blast, I am so glad I made this night for him, he is a good kid and I wouldn't change him for the world. Now he did mention that one of his friends plays a game that kind of freaks me out and I mentioned that to him (something along the lines of a devil game, devil's peak or something like that) and he turned to look at me and said "yeah, it kind of freaks me out and he totally embarrasses himself in front of 10 people", but I good thing it is only 10 and not the whole school right.