Sunday, October 18, 2009

Spook-tacular time...

Although I think my sister is trying to keep me and the boy away we have found our way in, my sister does not have the lung capacity to blow up balloons. Well orignially we were going to use my mattress pump but the pump wouldn't blow up the balloons, so I just used my very own pump. Then I also found out how incompentent she and I both are at tying knots but it seems I ruled out on that one, although I for some reason had trouble on some of them.
So once we blew up the balloons and worked on a 30 foot web (which we tangle up really good just moving it to the inside of the building), we had to raise it in the lobby about 20 feet (probably more I just am really bad at distances) up in the air. I think this is one of my favorite decorations we have made and done over the past few years of putting on this wonderful event. We have come along way from staying up to 2 or 3 in the morning using coffee grinds for bone mashers (yeah we won't be doing those again anytime soon, fun idea but pain in the butt to make).

Spook-tacular is a community party that is held at the local recreation center (aka SODA Center). Fun rides, fun food and just plain fun! October 30th from 5:30 - 8:30. Don't go to the Jazz game come and have fun, I guess if you must go to the pumpkin walk to but make sure you come for lots of fun the Rec Center.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Halloween fun...

We cleared off the porch and have pulled out the decorations. This is the boy's favorite holiday, I truly think this holiday beats Christmas for him but he will never admit it.

H LOVES to decorate the house, if I would let him he totally would turn our whole house into a haunted house. I find this so funny because the thought of going to a hauted house terrifies him but he loves to buy the scariest items I will allow him to buy. He gets to chose a new decoration every year, we still need to shop for this year but he was sick over the weekend and just getting the decorations out was enough for now.

I was going to make his costume this year with the new sewing machine I got, it started off as him going to be Yoda. When we went to the store looking for a mask and a green light saber (yes it has to be green and not any other color because that is now what Yoda uses, and when I said I would paint it then he just rolled his eyes and said no way that is not the same) suddenly he decided he was going to be Harry Potter. This gives me time to work on my sewing skils so I am cool with that.

We already had most of Harry's costume because when he was 3 or 4 (I can't remember now) he was going to be another one (no I can't recall) but decided that he had to be Harry minute. Even if everyone (especially the boy) thinks I am the meanest mom gave in and went to work. Well I had found the cape and we bought a yellow shirt and he used a stick for a wand and I could not find glasses anywhere so I made them out of yellow sunglasses which I took the dark glass out of and then colored with a black crayon. It looked like the most poorly put together costume but he thought he was Harry for the night. Good times though.
And yes, duct is holding the cape up so it is not so long to trip the boy!