Friday, March 27, 2009

Man Crush Lives...

So besides H being in love with his uncle Andrew ( I think that this just stems from Andrew giving him the time of day when it comes to video games) he is also in love with Edward. We bought the movie while in Vegas and H got his taste of the movie finally. He has been obsessed by it because of the clips we were able to download and put in his iPod. His favorite scene is when Edward saves Bella from being crushed. He is also really crazy about the Twilight spoof from youtube and he really likes the Dark Knight spoof too (he is not happy I won't let him watch the movie because he says he would like it, not for little kids, still too young for that).

So before we had the movie we had the soundtrack, anyone who really knows me knows I could listen to a song I like more times than I can count. I really like all the songs on this sound track. Well H has the same bug in him too and we have pretty much listened to it everyday since we got it (only breaks in the morning because I LOVE the local radio show RFH). If H hears the song away from the soundtrack he can tell you exactly what number it is on there. So while watching the movie as the songs came into play H would call out a number, it took me a few before I realized what he was doing but he was telling me the track number from the soundtrack (I know I freaking have Rainman for a son).

Well tonight we watched the movie again because I wanted to see the extras and whatnot (besides H is not the only one who can have a man crush right), we watched the videos of some of the songs. Well the director Catherine had explained before the Paramore "Decode" video that their singer really liked the series and was such a huge fan of the books and more or less begged and pleaded to be able to make a few songs for the movie. While watching the video H stops turns and looks at me and asks "Why isn't Mary on the movie then, she is a big fan too". It had to be explained that Mary is not famous so just because she is a fan of the movie and may have wanted to be part of the movie I really didn't think she would have no matter how hard she tried. Then we had to discuss why the video was shot in the forest, he may be Rainman but he just gets fixated.

So to answer your question dear, he liked the movie, I wouldn't say it was a love of the movie but he did like it. He had his favorite parts and then there were parts where little things had to be explained, he would confuse it sometimes with the spoof but over all he would give it one thumbs up. If he loved it there would be two (probably an inside joke only I would ever get because that is something the boy would say).

Also just so I can blog about something other than Twilight, I sent the boy out to take the dog to the bathroom yesterday. When I caught up with them to go to take the dog for a walk I saw H peeing outside and no he was not even trying to hide it. I asked what we was doing, "I am just helping nature grow" was the response I got. I tell you that boy will be the death of me. He must have been really tired, I just put him in bed a matter of minutes ago and he is asleep already.

From the first Karate Kid (at least I think, I don't remember for sure), "Never put passion before principle, even if you win you will lose".

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Back From Vegas...

Well, we have survived as long as we know how to love I know we will stay alive, oh wait we are not singing, that is something else.

Really though we made it. My nephew is one little cutie pants. Can I tell you though Utah has a lot of slug bugs. When we started playing slug bug a number of years back I let H get away with using convertibles, motorcycles and PT Cruisers because we were having a hard time finding enough for him to be happy to play the game. Well with the rise in gas came more Beetles so it really became obsolete in having to have the others, but you try telling a very particular little boy that he can't use what he started with. Down in Vegas we hardly saw any slug bugs, but boy once we got up to about Happy Valley let the slug bugs roll. My sister and I play the original but when we are in competition with the boy we play with the additionals.

Anyway the trip was good, it was nice to see my sister I am excited she is moving up closer to us. I know I am not close to everyone in my family mainly because of pasts incidents but I really enjoy the family no matter how annoying and crazy they may be. They all add in to my life and I am really glad H has got to be so close to all of them. It would be nice to see them more often.

As for adding any to my family, it was great having that baby smell (although my sisters would probably call it a spit up smell, they crack me up at how icky they find that stuff) but it is one of may favorite smells. I just don't know if I could go all through it again (of course that was if there is a man in the picture to play that part in the first place, so lucky me there is not at this point). H would make the best big brother in the world but I think when it comes down to it he likes being by himself. We come home and he likes to be by himself and likes to just have time with me, I remind him that would not be the case should there be another and he then agrees that maybe we are fine just the way we are. That is when we quote Lilo and Stitch saying we are small and broken, but still good.

H got one of his nasty headaches, sure I don't think all the sun and heat in Vegas helped but he gets terrible migraines to the point that he gets sick to his stomach. His man crush on my sister's husband got him up from his relaxing so that didn't help either. He was so excited his uncle taught him how to throw a football, it was great, we talked about that over ice cream tonight after we got back. He was even more excited that he got to play this video game with Andrew, that was the highlight of the trip. Pictures to come later, got to get things together since we are home now.

I apologize, I did not do a sign off on the last post, it was late at night and I got told I needed to edit it so I had to get back in and all so it completely spaced my mind. So to make up the one tonight is from The Soup, Joel is playing Miley Cyrus (it's still a felony) in some movie of the week or something like that, if you watch you would understand.

Because every adult man is hiding a teenage girl inside of them, not like in a basement or something, that would be weird.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tee hee, yes, I still suck...

I really am trying to keep this up to date but it is not succeding very well, but really for me I am doing fairly well. So we did two walks this past weekend, WOO HOO, really I am just more proud for myself, we are getting there. Tauna, you are always welcome to meet up with us, we just walk the new Legacy pathway. The weekend we will be taking a break and heading to Vegas and the following weekend we will be going crazy because of egg dive at the SODA Center (South Davis Recreation Center), but we totally could get together.

I am going to try posting a picture because I am still new to all this stuff. This is Hunter trying to have his hair be like Edward's from the Twilight movie, I swear he is worse than some girls for this movie. But definetly NOT as bad as my mom (bordering psychotic only because she has told my son she is the only one who can have pictures of Edward on her phone).

I can't believe he will be 8 in just a few short weeks, of course if we decide to do the Hoover Dam tour he will be 8 (wink, wink). I guess that is the age they will allow you to take the inside tour.
Well I will try again, until next time.