Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Friday shopping...

Wow, I went out once years ago shopping and I never really wanted to go again. I usually would go out after the crowds died down but even if I went the time I usually go it would have been just as crazy. I remember helping my mom work "the event" at Mervyn's a couple of years in a row, I think that was more fun than shopping it.

It was fun overall because the company I went with (my baby sister Mary, Stephanie and Mandy) and it was fun to run into my older sister Norah and my mom at Target even though some how yet again I have found another way to make my mom get ornery.

Really I can't say that I bought anything that had a really great deal (I know then I am just shopping and I should have gone out another time), but I did buy most of my presents and that means I am done with one a few other little things here and there so now I don't have to worry about finding much time to shop with H around.

We hit up a number of stores Target, Micheal's, Old Navy, Shopko, Hobby Lobby, Bed Bath and Beyond and Kohl's.

Shortest wait line so was probably Hobby Lobby, even though I had one item that did not have a tag that we could find and so I didn't even know what price it was the cashier knew right away what it was so I was very impressed. BBB was probably just as short there too.

The longest wait line and by far the longest time I have ever waited in a retail line my sister ended up timing it. 52 minutes, wow! My mom and my older sister went up to one more up north and they knew the people who worked there so they got in and out.

Now most of this would have been so bad and I would have been better had I had more rest the nights before (helping me sister and the SODA Center set up for their Thanksgiving run), my coffee wore off during shopping and I just felt like I was dragging. They apparently are going to get me an IV for next year to keep me going, I would settle just for a trip to Starbucks.

We were not able to locate the megablocks that Tami (yes, another sister but don't worry last one, just three of us, she is the middle child). But my mom did, she called as we were heading home.

We got to tired to go catch a movie and relax after, but still an overall success.

I again will probably go again but not for the shopping just for the company that was kept while we were out.

H gets back on Sunday and we get to get a tree next weekend. We will also be going to the Festival of Trees again and I will be looking forward to that.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Family fueds...

Your family would not be your family if you could not get into a fight but know that they will love you just as much in morning.

The current family fight is what to have for Thanksgiving dinner. It is definitely more fun to be just a bystander instead of the one in the fight (yes, the one that involved me before was Walmart and let's just say what I thought was innocent fun in the pictures being sent around turned into something ugly so the W word will not be brought up again). Food will be food, my sister just needs to take the same attitude as I do when it comes to it, make what you want the rest will have to just deal. I was told that all the specials (stuffing with out onions and the potato chunks for my older sister) did not need to be done anymore, guess what you will get what you get and you won't throw a fit. I say more leftovers for me so that works for me.

Well I guess you could be like the pie culprit though and just take it all home even though we didn't get any, we were too full from food to eat it then.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day of cooking...

Oh my goodness, I have spent the whole day cooking or baking which ever you want to call it. I was asked by my lovely boy to make apple pie a few days ago. I made the pie dough from the recipe of my mother's which I just love and it has many memories for me. Well I came to find out that the little boy only wanted the pie made so badly was because he wants to throw a pie at his Aunt Mary's face. I compromised and made a whole bunch of mini pies (made in a muffin tin) and told him he and I can have a food fight with them before he left for his dad's.

As if the pies were not enough I also made bread, that turned out pretty well too.

Then to top it all off instead of us getting to make our pizzas last night because we went bowling instead so we made the pizza tonight for dinner so I made the crust from scratch too. The boy's topping choices are mushrooms and pineapple, yes he LOVES mushrooms. I didn't start liking mushrooms until I was way older so I find it odd that an 8 year old child loves to eat mushrooms so much.

Oh what a day, it was fun though but I think I have had my fill on carbs for some time now. But it gave us a fun project to work on inbetween chores.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cleaning fun...

On most nights the boy and I have a conversation question that we normally ask "what was your favorite part of today?", on the way home from visiting up at my sister's house he asked me. I stated it was when he helped me to clean out our front closet and how he cleaned up his room (my intent was to get him to try to clean up more around the house).

I asked him what his was, he says when he got dressed. Stumped I couldn't figure out why getting dressed was the best part of today so I asked him questions. He kept giving me his "really don't you know what I am talking about" look. He said when I was dressed like a model.

Yes, while cleaning he got dressed up in some of my heels and went and got some of my clothes and "posed" around the house. I was able to capture a picture so I can torture him with when he is older and I meet his girlfriends. I totally would post it but I had to swear I would not show ANYONE, more for the reason he doesn't want his grandpa to see and to give him a hard time.

I did mention to him that I would show his future girlfriends, he was giving me his little look he gives to me now and I just said back "that is a right I have as a mother that I get to embarass you with your childhood pictures, and don't worry they will find it absolutely adorable", I just got an eye roll and he changed the subject.

Good times I tell you, good times.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Music and Lyrics...

Last night there was only a handful of things on, well one of them happened to be "Music and Lyrics" with Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant. I didn't think it was something that the boy would like to watch but I chose it anyway because he has not kept up on his reading minutes at home so he doesn't get many options of things (yes I know I am the mean mom he always talks about).

It is hard for H to adjust to time adjustments of any sorts and he also has my genes so insomnia is bound to be there for him, I had to stop giving him naps before he turned 2 because he would be up all night and yes even a 5 minute nap will have him up for most of the night. While he was not sleeping he got up and wrote some song lyrics, I can only think he was inspired by the movie.

Band: Killer Boy : HIG

I can't sleep I don't know
What is the mater with me do you know
what is wrong with me (corus.)

Help me I want to sleep but I cannot.
Please take care of me or I'll be sick for a whyil I can't go to school intail I am beter.

Then he writes his favorite knock knock jokes down too. But I loved the song and I left his spelling because he is so cute. He is having a hard time going to sleep again tonight but hopefully we can get him back on schedule soon because he does better in school and such so hopefully we can get him there.