Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Red Curry Chicken...

This is one of 3 dishes that I can cook well enough that the boy craves for.

One day while watching Food Network there was a show that I was watching and she made this dish, don't ask me which show because I really don't recall, she does really cheap dishes. Of course though anyone who knows me I don't like to follow rules so following a recipe is just as bad, so I worked the best I could with what I remembered.

Tonight's dish was made at the boy's request, chicken, onions, fresh tomatoes (previously made with canned), coconut milk, red curry, garlic and lime juice. Usually we put in cilantro but I don't know how we got parsley instead so we are missing one ingredient but must say it is still god.

Mmmm, chicken, it's what's for dinner.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Siri scares me...

Alright it is not just Siri but the idea of a new phone in general really frightens me for a number of reasons.

1- I am so far from tech savvy that I am so clueless. Why yes H has learned to use my phone faster than I.

2- I feel your phone should not be smarter than yourself, pretty sure this phone wins hands down.

3- Now that I have an iPhone I may have to help and assist the old man with his, that could be a disaster, one must remember to breathe during those sessions.

4- My identity with the boy as mother is being even more diminished by the fact that he "talks" to Siri more than me now.

Something I am proud of at this point though, I did figure out how to blog from it. I failed miserably at that on the blackberry. I also figured out how to post on fb and place a photo with that post, there may be some hope for me yet so watch out you may hear more from me. SCARY I know.