Monday, August 31, 2009

Just because...

Well just because it is the end of the month I thought I should do one more post, not that I have anything significant to discuss so what else other than New Moon. Below is the picture of the Volturi, which really I am fine with but come on Dakota Fanning as Jane? Not that I have anyone else in mind but I think she has just been played out. I guess I will hold of judgements until I see her in the role, who knows she may surprise me but right now not pleased with it.

I really did like the fact that they were using a bunch of small screen or no names in the roles, Kristen Stewart was the only one that really anyone had heard of. Yes, there are a few others that made names for themselves but really you looked at them thinking "what else did they play in".
I figure I will talk about it because I will have to wait for the video, at least at that point I can see it with the boy. With the plans to go back to school it just cuts out a lot of the fun stuff, we will see but I won't hold out any promises.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

School is teaching what?

So it is back to school this week, H had music today the song goes like this:

"Pepsi coke came to town, Coke-a-cola shot him down. Dr. Pepper fix him up, we all started to drink 7up."

Beats last year where they were learning a song based on the fast food restaurant chains.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Heroic dog...

Just took the dog out before going and spending the day up in Park City. As we were coming in...

"Mom, Daisy saved my life." Yes, this is all being said in his overly dramatic tone.

"Oh really, how?"

"Because as we were walking I didn't see the dead smashed snail but Daisy pulled me out of the way because she saw it."

Wow, didn't realized that smashed snails were so deadly but good to know I have a dog that will save you from them.

Beware of the snails, they just might get you.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Two year plan...

Since I decided I will not be able to afford anything more than I am living in right now, I am making a two year plan and then goodbye to what I call my heartache of the past few weeks.

That's it, goodbye.

My car will hopefully be paid off in just a few payments all of that money will go to my credit cards to hopefully pay them off. I can take a cut in pay because I am getting the money that I should from H dad plus back support too.

I have been bringing home sadness, anger and hate and I am done.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cooking adventure and laughs...

Ha ha ha, sorry I am still laughing at my escapade right now. So for the CSA (community sponsored agriculture) we got cabbage. I find this just a funny that everyone of my family that got one is making cabbage rolls (a childhood favorite).

I bought a thing of hamburger meat to use, also we went and got sauerkraut, tomato sauce and more cabbage so I could make the rolls. I completely underestimated how much meat that actually was! I have three fairly large size pans filled with GIGANTIC rolls (really more folded over than rolled because I was trying to get all the meat mixture I had into the cabbage I had), well lets just say that still was not enough.

My last pan was more like a cabbage roll lasagna because I was just layering because I didn't want to run out and buy anything more. But I ran out of tomato sauce! So I found one small can and used that, but in the back of my fridge was a jar of spaghetti sauce, that is now on my cabbage lasagna.

Oh good times, I try cooking but it turns to be more work than it is worth some times.

FYI, to make me feel better I went out and did something very nice for my boss so I could get the anger out of me. I get along with her personally, but work ethics wise I can't stand her anymore, it is out of control although the last two days she has done some work, but she actually did some talking to me today.

Next battle is proving that Mary DID ride on the colossus at Lagoon.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Stay-cation day one...

Alrighty you bloggers that are so much better at this than I am, I don't think I am doing this right because it is taking so long to do this but I did it anyway.

Instead of going anywhere for vacation we decided to do a stay-cation and do things "around the town. Today started with breakfast with Grandpa at a "mom and pop" run down joint that has good eats.

Then it was dinosaur day camp, which I just found out they really don't teach you anything about the dinosaurs, you just go and do fun things. How do I know this, let's just say kids are very honest. At least he had fun and he looked forward to getting on the playground equipment.
Although he has dug this up many times before he "found" the dinosaur eggs (see picture below). But leave to my son to be the polite one and get bullied by a toddler who was trying to bury his discovery, other than just looking at the kid he did not say one word to this kid but it was great to chuckle at the looks he gave.

Before I joined him I decided to walk around and test out my new camera. I have some pretty pictures that I took while walking on the path behind the dino park.

Let's just say that trail behind there is very sucluded and if you wanted to kill someone and dump their body in the river, I think you could get away with it.

But it was a nice little walk
and I enjoyed
testing out my new camera.

On our way home we hit up Chuck-E-Cheese's (where a kid can be a kid and yes he repeats this phrase EVERY time he talked about it today) because the boy has been talking about it forever about how he wants to go back, we had a bucket full of coins that we needed to get rid of from the
last time and a redemption ticket too.
The game to the left was a favorite, it was like jump rope with a light. He enjoyed it much.

Can I just say parents when redeeming for your prizes instead of taking 45 minutes to get through the three kids you had with you to have them choose out prizes please help them along. Again just to boast my son up he got up there and the lady was trying to be so nice because he was so patient that she was going to let him have any of the 1500 ticket prizes (he only had 1420) because he was so close and he waited for the group in front of us that I noted above AND the family that just cut right in front of us (I waved to the helper and told her it was fine because she was going to tell them to wait). But my truthful and very honest son wouldn't take the prize that he wanted with the additional points she was willing to give to him he chose out many others instead. Well it was either her was being honest or obsessive-compulsive (probably more of the latter) in saying he didn't have enough for that. Proud to say we were done at the counter in less than 5 minutes, if that.
He got some snotty nose thing, fake vomit, a transformer car toy (push and go thing) and other little knick knacks. I told him he was gross.
The last picture there was us finally home, we took the dog out for a walk and the boy was playing dead and the dog was attacking him. Good times.
More items planned tomorrow, not sure if I will get posted for tomorrow though but I will let you know all the excitement (and yes, the mean mom that I am even scheduled a dentist appointment for the stay-cation).
Where a kid can be a kid, get it, kkk-kid, chchch-cheeses. ha ha ha (yes a real quote from the boy on why Chucky-Cheese's says where a kid can be a kid).

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

To cheer up the boy...

And thanks to BS she figured this out for me so I can post this. H knows she can't stand Jacob but I think he likes him just as much as he likes Edward. This is just to spite my loving sister who will take this so well just because she knows it will make him smile just a little. So in response to her "Die Jacob die" comment...

Monday, August 10, 2009

Not substitutes...

I tried my hand at potatoes au gratin from the magazine and discovered that you should not substitute paprika for cayenne pepper and neither should you sub cinnamon for nutmeg. But on the plus side the boy ate all his potatoes which is funny because I choked mine down, go figure.

I will try again with the correct ingredients.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Meals and a yard sale...

So I have tried again to cook, I don't want the good food I have been getting from the CSA and the Co-op to go to waste. My BS (that is baby sister, although you could sub what it really means and we would still be talking about the same person) showed me a magazine at the store that porportioned meals to cater to two. I am not a big leftover eater, there are a few dishes that I will actually eat that are left over (sorry, it is my picky palate that is sensitive to many things). I tried my hand at a chicken and vegetable dish last night, with many substitutes to foods I already had. Pork instead of chicken, paprika instead of red pepper, limes instead of lemon (I prefer lime anyway) and other sort of substitutes. I actually really liked it, it was good, very greasy still but good. I know some things I will change the next time but over all it was good. The boy ate some of it, but it the lime taste was a little too tart for him so he chose not to eat much of it. I was promised if I make it again he will try it because I told him I could just put the lime on my part of it so it is not so sour for him.

I have learned I need to have a recipe in front of me to cook (portioned to two, yes I know you can do it yourself but I just don't) but I am a rule breaker, I try to sub the ingredients with items I have around the house and spices that are boy approved.

My kind OS (older sister, I had this explained once on twitter but it seems as though BS has either forgotten or as always just never listens to me, Tami would be MS for middle sister), allowed us to use her yard for our yard sale (THANKS), I actually made some money this time, it was great. I still owe BS for lunch though. We plan to hit up some yard sales this weekend looking for items. I did it last weekend too and got a new big mirror to replace the one in my bathroom,I am still holding up hope there is an outlet behind it because it is ODD that I don't have an outlet in my bathroom currently an orange extention cord is be run down the hall to sub for it (just ugly and inconvenient). But with many other things my luck is there is no outlet and I will have to carry on with the cord. But I also found a small desk that the boy can use for homework and such. It was a light lime green color. We sanded it and painted it to the boys liking. We bought a desk lamp to put on it and everything. I am hoping this will be a great addition but it may just end up collecting toys as the picture shows it has Legos on it right now. Hopefully I will find more additions, the mirror was $5 and the desk was less than $1 because I got a bunch of other things. I was excited!

It must be jelly because jam don't shake like that. (yes, that is some kind of fat joke ;))

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My young Edward...

So the little boy in my life got hurt on his skooter again today. This one was a little more nasty than the last and a lot more blood. He has scraped up his elbow and the side of his hip bone.

I am only posting this because the sweet young man was all worried that his white shirt now had blood all over it, mind you this shirt is just one of those cheap undershirts and it is not that white given that he had worn it most of the day. He is sobbing to me telling me his blood is has ruined it, I assured him that the shirt will live but he may not because of his blood all over.

***If you have a weak stomach do not proceed***

Well guess that was a mistake because between the sobs he has decided he needs to take his dirty fingers collect the blood and put it in his mouth. I ask him what he thought he was doing, he said he had to put the blood back in his body so he still had blood.

I should know better!

Oh well, he mended (he keeps calling his boo boos boobies) and because it is Thursday he is reading currently but I just couldn't pass up such a cute story.

Live long and prosper.