Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day...

Well I am one who believes in this commercialized holiday, I truly feel why does it take one day for you to tell the ones you love that you love them. Does that mean you get the other 364 days off in the year to not tell them? A friend of mine from FB put a quote up from Ashton Kutcher who basically says the same thing.

To me every day is Valentine's day, don't get me wrong I do get into the commercialization at times and purchase things for the boy, but I make sure I do special things for my son and I definetly tell him I love him everyday. I don't remember using the "love" word so much while growing up, and even though I love my family and truly would do anything for them it is hard for me to tell them to their faces that I love them. This is why I probably go so overboard with my son and tell him I love him so many times it is probably overkill.

I won't chastize anyone who loves this holiday and I am all for it if it allows you to open up your hearts and share it with those you love at least once a year, but I only ask that you make a vow with yourself to do something special other than this day or just their birthday or anniversary, find one day that has no significance and do the same type of appreciation and love that you make efforts for on Valentine's and let them know you love them just because and not because there is a "day" that tells you to show it.

Happy Valentines!