Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pumpkin Cutting 2011...

We had a family tradition at one point where we all would go up and pick out our pumpkins and do the corn maze, but in the last couple of years it appears we have dropped this tradition. Wanting to stick with some of the tradition I took the boy out to go get our own. He was a man on a mission and knew exactly what he wanted got in and go out.

Given that he is now 10 and in previous years I had let him try to clean out the pumpkin, knife was still handled by me but I made him grab a spoon (ok he came back out with a ladle so I sent him back in for a spoon). Since he chose a huge pumpkin this year, and by huge it was so big he could not carry by himself we were out there for some time while he cleaned it out.

Now every picture has been posed because he thought they would be funny to show. Finally I got tired of waiting for him to clean so he was excused and I finished. Once he came back he thought he would see how clean I got it...

but obviously I didn't make the hole big enough for a close up inspection.

He did his own design and I was the cutter. I decided on mine to make a pumpkin although I have been told it looks like an apple. Coming to my rescue was the neighborhood kid who said it was a pumpkin too and then a polite reminder that he was only in 2nd grade so it really didn't count.

Sticking with at least one tradition I allowed H to destroy the pumpkins. The big one again was too big so he went at it with a bat.

Safety first, which is why he had the helmet and gloves on. :)

And again sticking with some tradition, you broke it you clean it up, hence the bag for picking up the pieces.