Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Red Curry Chicken...

This is one of 3 dishes that I can cook well enough that the boy craves for.

One day while watching Food Network there was a show that I was watching and she made this dish, don't ask me which show because I really don't recall, she does really cheap dishes. Of course though anyone who knows me I don't like to follow rules so following a recipe is just as bad, so I worked the best I could with what I remembered.

Tonight's dish was made at the boy's request, chicken, onions, fresh tomatoes (previously made with canned), coconut milk, red curry, garlic and lime juice. Usually we put in cilantro but I don't know how we got parsley instead so we are missing one ingredient but must say it is still god.

Mmmm, chicken, it's what's for dinner.