Saturday, October 6, 2012

Proud mom, proud son...

I really honored to have such a great boy in my life. Every time I think of him I am blown away by everything he teaches me. Even though he is growing up and I will be needed or wanted more I get more of a glimpse at how we will interact as he gets older.

Today we spent most of the day together by ourselves having breakfast and then lunch together a failed attempt at some Star Wars origami and shopping for items to complete his vision for a zombie alien costume (he has a very particular vision for it).

As we came home from our day of course he had friends waiting for him to play. As he got out of the car I lingered trying to gather everything out and our leftovers for lunch I got to catch part of the conversation he was having with his friends. He was just as honored to spend the day with me as I was with him and he was gloating about it to his friends.

With all the fights and arguments we get in together I know no matter what we have a bond and an admiration of each other that will remain unchanged.