Monday, June 27, 2011

Blog name meaning...

Well originally it was hmgfamilyfiles (Hunter and mama), it is mostly about the 2 of us and seriously who would not be able to gloat about this cute, little, adorable boy (yes, even if he chooses to wear stockings on his head and hands). I tend to use it to rant about little things that urk me here and there or to boost up something I love. If I find the time I like to put down the musings of the little one when I come across them in his school journal (he wants his own blog as he gets older he says, I am sure that will be interesting). It allows my friends and family get to know me better by going through this blog. I in turn love to "cyber" stalk them back and read up on their life with their family, lots of cute little ideas I have come across.

I ended up changing it to the G-files because it fits me a little bit more (think along the lines of the X-files, yes, that geekdom coming out again). Same talk just different name, shorter for me.

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